The Average Cost of Commercial Cleaning Services

Are you looking for professional cleaning services for your business? Are you wondering how much this service is going to cost you or your organization?

If you own a retail store or commercial office space, then you will need to schedule someone like these business cleaning services in Colorado Springs, CO, to come in regularly. You need to ensure your employees, customers, or members have a clean and safe environment.

So this article takes a look at how much commercial cleaning services cost and the different factors involved. Read on!

Average Cost of Commercial Cleaning Services

Generally, cleaning a business can add up to an average of $170, plus additional costs for supplies and equipment. But all these depend on different factors.

You may find that office cleaning services will cost more than residential cleaning services. But the cleaning quality is better and the time savings can be worth the price.

Factors That Affect the Cost

The average cost of commercial cleaning services can vary greatly depending on several factors. The main factors are listed down below:


Labor costs include the wages and related costs of hiring cleaners. It also includes any overtime or other premiums required to attract and retain qualified personnel. Costs associated with payroll include taxes, benefits, and insurance costs can add up quickly.


Transportation is a key cost component for commercial cleaning services. Depending on the extent of travel, you may also incur costs for fuel, wear and tear on vehicles, and other related expenses. A company might even need to invest in renting a vehicle or maintaining a fleet of vehicles for longer routes.

You should also consider if there is frequent travel or a large number of customers to transport. You might also incur extra labor costs if multiple employees have to travel together.

Cleaning Materials and Supplies

Cleaning materials and supplies are an important component of commercial cleaning services. These materials can consist of cleaning agents, equipment, and tools needed to perform the cleaning jobs.

Sometimes, the building owner must supply the materials, while other times, they can be purchased by the cleaning provider.


Scheduling is a key cost component for commercial cleaning services. You need to consider the time it takes to clean the commercial space. This will depend on the size of the area, the type of service required, the number of people in the space, and other pertinent factors.

Scheduling at the right times can help to save on labor costs. This is because large-scale jobs can be completed overnight or during off-peak hours.

Additional Services

Commercial cleaning services provide a wide range of services beyond the standard for extra fees. These services may include window washing, carpet cleaning, and furniture or equipment cleaning. Some cleaning services also have specialty services such as pressure washing and waxing floors.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services Now

Commercial cleaning services provide a great way for businesses to ensure a clean working environment. With so many options available, the average cost is affordable and can meet your individual needs. Just make sure to consider the services you require and budget accordingly to get the best value.

What are you waiting for? Start researching cleaning services today!

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