The 6 Best Home Improvement ROI Projects Of 2023

Are you a homeowner wanting to make your house feel like a true home? With summer in full swing and nicer weather on its way, now is the perfect time to tackle some home improvement projects. But what are the best ways to maximize your return on investment without breaking the bank in 2023? We’re here to help guide you through all of those questions.

Suppose you are living in Seattle. The housing in Seattle is 111% more expensive than the US average. The average cost to remodel a house in Seattle is $20-$95 per square foot, depending on the room(s), home’s size, quality of materials, and structural changes. So, it’s important to prioritize which projects give you the most bang for your buck.

In this article, we will explore which types of projects are most likely to provide high returns on investments (ROI) in 2023. So, if you’ve been asking yourself where to start when improving your house, read on – this guide should help answer that question and give helpful insights into how best to maximize ROI!

Remodeling the bathrooms

Bathroom remodels can provide some of the highest ROI if done correctly. A few ways to update your bathroom include replacing outdated fixtures, retiling walls and floors, installing a new vanity or countertops, or adding a luxury bath.

A bathroom remodeling project can cost you between $31,000 and $94,000. However, to get the most accurate costs, connect with professionals. Stay Home at Ease by Luxury Bath of Seattle has a reputation for being the area’s most trusted company with 20+ years of experience. The team can help you select the right materials and maximize the ROI for your bathroom renovation. 

Finishing the basement

In older homes, basements are frequently left unfinished. Finishing your basement and adding a room or two will significantly increase the value of your home. You can build a media room, a play area, or even an extra bedroom or office. 

To give the basement a more vivid appearance, think about putting in new windows, plasterboards, energy-efficient insulation, and lighting fixtures. Likewise, installing a sump pump will ensure that your basement is never flooded, and this can bring you peace of mind.

Building a deck

An incredible method for expanding the worth of your house is to fabricate a deck. Setting up a sound and solid deck can also make your outdoor living space more attractive. You can look through materials, including wood, composite, and plastic. A well-built deck will give you and your loved ones years of enjoyment.

Consider adding an open-air kitchen or fire pit to make the deck even better. You can likewise build seats and planters for a more aesthetically fulfilling look. Consider adding a gazebo or pergola to the deck to make the most of your investment. You can also add an automated lighting framework for a more modern look.

Garage door replacement

Installing a new garage door is a reasonable and straightforward method for upgrading your house exterior and increasing its market price. You could look over various models, like swing-up doors or rollers. Wood and steel are the most regularly used materials for this reason, but fiberglass may also be considered.

In addition to improving the general look of your house, an updated garage door will improve the security of your house by giving protection against intruders. It’s likewise an amazing idea to consider adding automated features such as motion sensors or remote monitoring systems for added comfort and peace of mind.

Transform the kitchen island

Updating the island is a fantastic technique to add style and convenience to your kitchen. You can make it a stylish focal point with new granite or quartz countertops and customizable cabinetry and installations. In addition, adding an under-mount sink could be exceptionally useful for everyday tasks like cleaning dishes.

You could likewise think about introducing built-in appliances like a dishwasher, microwave, or coffee maker. It would make it more agreeable for yourself as well as your visitors to work in the kitchen without worrying about too much space. Adding extra lighting installations could assist in improving visibility while cooking and cleaning.

Repainting your home’s exterior

Your home might appear great with a new coat of paint. You can increase your home’s curb appeal pretty cheaply, which may help you earn top money when you decide to sell it in the future.

Clean the surfaces thoroughly with soap and water before painting. Repair any necessary areas first if necessary. Examine the exterior of your home and make a note of spots that need painting. After that, employ a skilled painter who can repaint it quickly and effectively.

A quality paint job involves extensive preparation, such as power cleaning, caulking, priming, sanding, etc., which is best left to specialists. They should also use better quality paints that will last longer and help maintain the property’s interior temperature, leading to further cost savings.


Making home improvements can be a great investment. They not only increase your home’s livability but also add value if you decide you want to sell it at some point. With so many options available in 2023, homeowners have plenty of decisions to make regarding what type of project they should pursue. Whether you’re considering upgrading your kitchen appliances or making an energy efficiency overhaul, consider how you use it and what kind of return it will bring when the sale is finalized.


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