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Spousal Sponsorship Made Simple: Your Guide to Canadian Immigration

Different immigration schemes are available in Canada for foreign nationals who might wish to move. Spousal sponsorship is one of the several immigration programs available.

Pay close attention to this if you’re thinking about financing your spouse’s relocation to Canada. Since it can be a little complicated, the procedures will be outlined and made simpler here.

Spousal Sponsorship in Canadian Immigration

If you are a permanent resident of Canada and you are eighteen years of age or older, you may sponsor your spouse financially. Spousal sponsorship for immigration to Canada requires a set of procedures to be followed. This process could be a little tricky, this is why we have made things straightforward and simple to follow in this post.

Before you begin the application process, make proper research to learn more about spousal sponsorship requirements in Canada (en savoir plus sur les exigences relatives au parrainage d’un époux au Canada), and go through the details of the application.

Eligibility Requirements for Spousal Sponsorship

Establishing your eligibility is the first step in the spousal sponsorship procedure. Age is the primary requirement for qualifying. In Canada, you must be eighteen years old to be eligible for spousal sponsorship.

It is also a requirement that you be stable in terms of finances and either a resident of Canada or a permanent resident. Once they move in as permanent residents, you should be able to demonstrate that you have enough money to support you and your spouse.

You and your spouse must provide documentation proving you have been married for a minimum of one year in order to be eligible for spousal sponsorship.

How to Apply for Spousal Sponsorship

Applying for spousal sponsorship requires step by step processes. However, it is important to note that both the person to be sponsored and the sponsor must provide their details.

Both you and your spouse must apply. You are required to apply to be a sponsor and your spouse has to apply for permanent residence.

Application Processes Involved in Spousal Sponsorship

1 – Check Whether You Are Eligible: As discussed previously, ensure that you confirm that you are eligible to apply to be a sponsor. Not only should you be 18 years old or above, your spouse to be sponsored, must also be at least 18 years. Another thing to consider is to be free of serious offense charges. There are no specific income requirements, but you should not be bankrupt.

2 – Prepare the Required Documents: You are expected to provide – a proof of marriage and, that is, marriage certificate and proof of change of names where necessary, your spouse and your valid passports, financial documents as proof of funds, birth certificate, and proof of Canadian permanent residence. You should try to gather these documents before you begin the application process.

3 – Go Through Application Details: As mentioned before, check through the application thoroughly. Know what is required and how to avoid an unsuccessful application. Ensure that you provide valid documents also so that your application would not be denied. Before you start filling the application, read through a few times so that you understand what is expected of you. Ask questions when you get confused or unsure.

4 – Gather Additional Documents: If required, make available extra documents and get them ready. This is why you should always check through the application requirements before starting to fill the application form. This enables you to figure out what exactly you need to provide. These additional documents may include a police certificate to prove that you or your spouse are not charged with any serious crime.

5 – Complete Application: When filling the application form, provide the correct information. Always crosscheck your answers before submitting. Make sure that your answers tally with the questions. Also, when your spouse is applying for permanent residence, they should ensure the form is filled completely and accurately.

6 – Pay Required Fees and Submit Application: Some charges and fees are attached to obtaining this form, which you must have come across when making research. After filling the application form properly and you have cross checked the information, you can then proceed to make payment before final submission of form.


In summary, if you want to sponsor your spouse or you want to be sponsored by your spouse, you should first of all do research. If you want to sponsor your spouse, you should apply to be a sponsor; and if you are getting sponsored by your spouse, you should apply to be a permanent resident in Canada.

The steps that have been provided should be followed and even do more research. While doing research, try to confirm information from dependable sources. Compare results and finalize them before making any move. 

Ensure that the online form is genuine and through the correct channel so as to avoid making payment into an invalid account. For a higher chance of getting an approval, be sure that there are no mistakes or errors in your application and documents you provide.


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