Signs of Cocaine Use in the Workplace and How to Address Them

Cocaine can be a big baddie in the workplace. It’s a strong drug that some folks might use.

When they do, it can cause problems for everyone. So, how do we know if someone is using it at work? And what do we do about it? This easy-to-read guide will help you understand the signs of cocaine use and what steps to take.

Changes to Eating Habits

One telltale sign someone might be using cocaine is changes to their eating habits. You might notice them not eating much or at all. This is because cocaine can make people feel less hungry. If you see this happening a lot, it could be a signal of drug use.

But don’t worry, there’s help available! Rehab clinics are good places that help folks with drug problems. They can help get people back to normal, living a life without drugs.

Dilated Pupils

Another big sign someone might be using cocaine is if their pupils are bigger than normal. This can happen because cocaine makes the muscles in the eye relax, so the pupils get larger.

It might look a bit scary, but it’s a clue that someone could be using drugs at work. Like before, the best thing to do if you spot this is to quietly point them towards a rehab clinic.


The drug can make people act hyper and restless. They might talk fast or move around a lot. If you see this, it’s another sign they could be using drugs at work. It’s not easy to handle this. But remember, we can help them.

And the best way to help is by guiding them to a place that can fix the problem. Consider facilities like purposehealingcenter.com as they are expert in addiction recovery, and they know all about how to help people kick the drug habit. 

Mood Changes 

Cocaine can significantly impact an individual’s mood, creating noticeable fluctuations that can serve as a red flag. Users may swing from extreme euphoria when under the influence to intense irritability and even depressive episodes as the drug’s effects wear off.

This volatile emotional state, coupled with other signs, could indicate a possible substance abuse issue at work. Remember, recognizing the problem is the first step toward solving it.

Chronic Runny Nose

A chronic runny nose is a frequently overlooked indicator of cocaine use. Cocaine is typically snorted, leading to a constant runny or stuffy nose due to irritation of the nasal passages. The individual may frequently be seen sniffling or continuously wiping their nose.

This symptom might be dismissed as allergies or a common cold, but in the context of other signs mentioned above, it could suggest a deeper issue. Like with the other symptoms, it’s important not to confront the individual harshly if you spot this.

Learn More About Signs of Cocaine Use

Want to learn more about how to spot someone using cocaine? You’re in the right place! Signs of cocaine use can be things like being excited, having a runny nose, or acting happy one minute and sad the next.

But the biggest sign might be if their eating changes. Maybe they don’t feel hungry and don’t eat much. That’s a big sign. And really big pupils, that’s another sign. If you see these signs, try to help them get to a rehab clinic.

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