Revitalize Your Bathroom: Creative Ideas for a Stylish and Functional Makeover

Are you tired of scrubbing the old tiles, or do you want to change the outdated look of your existing bathroom? Do you dream of having a bathroom that can be a highlight of your home? Whatever your reason is, revitalizing your bathroom is an idea worth investing in. Bathrooms have evolved from mere utilitarian spaces into places reflecting your preference, personality, and style. Moreover, your bathroom is the perfect personal space to unwind after a busy day. 

Besides, Austin, a thriving city known for its innovation and design, has seen a surge in bathroom remodels. These renovations not only enhance property values but also leave homeowners more satisfied.

So, let’s explore some creative ideas to give your ordinary bathroom a stylish makeover. 

Upgrade Shower Materials and Remodel the Shower Space

In cities like Austin, where humidity levels and temperatures fluctuate, your shower materials may face a tough battle against mold, water damage, and wear and tear. But fear not; there’s a solution! By switching to contemporary, moisture-resistant materials, you can effectively combat these issues and enjoy a clean, functional, and visually appealing bathing space. You can easily replace your old toilet roll holder with a brushed stainless steel toilet roll holder, which should last long and look good.

Besides, the most important part of a bathroom is the shower area which makes up most of the space. So the transformation of your bathroom should preferably start from this area. According to your personal preference, you can go for a bathtub or a showerhead. But make sure you consult one of the Austin shower replacement experts. They can help if you are confused between a fixed shower head, shower handset, ceiling-mounted faucet, or shower panels. 

Moreover, while upgrading the shower space, you may find yourself puzzled, more than once, in choosing between various options and paying attention to too many details. Therefore, it makes sense to complete this project with the help of a professional team. 

Bright is the Right Bathroom

A badly lit bathroom cannot look stylish, no matter how perfectly it has been remodeled. Getting strategic lighting is the ultimate key to making your bathroom look spacious. Make the best use of the natural light coming in through the window.

You can add more glass to shelves or storage cabinets to give your bathroom a brighter look. Mirrors can be added to reflect light throughout the bathroom. A big mirror above the vanity or small mirrors placed in some pattern make your bathroom look well-lit and add to the overall visual appeal of the environment. 

While going for electric upgrades, you can alternate between ambiance, accent, and task lighting in your bathroom. Overhead light fixtures, sconces, and vanity lights will help you achieve layered lighting, adding functionality and aesthetics to your bathroom.

Select the Overall Theme

An overall theme will make your space look unified and more cohesive. You can select a theme of your preference including wall colors and patterns to floor tiles. Colors and prints, when done tastefully, create a great visual impact. To create a modern look, you can choose neutral colors for the walls or a black-and-white color scheme with modern accessories in geometric print. 

Blues and greens offer a calming and natural vibe. Moreover, creating a beach-inspired ambiance for beach lovers is super easy by using seashell-shaped accessories and ocean-blue shades for the walls. You can experiment with bright shades like yellow and orange to make a bold statement or use white, gray, or cocoa brown to create a clean and classic look.

While selecting the color scheme, keep the size of your bathroom and lighting conditions in mind. It should complement and align well with the rest of the fixtures. Whether you go for soft neutral shades for your walls or bold geometrical patterned tiles for the floor, there is plenty of room for expressing your aesthetic taste in creating warmth and a bit of dramatic flair.

Go Natural

Aside from the obvious health benefits of purifying the air and absorbing extra moisture, plants will bring style to your bathroom. You can place potted plants in one of the corners or a cactus in a smaller pot on the countertop or any other surface. Hanging plants can be incorporated into the shower area or the glass partition.

Adding greenery will change the overall ambiance of your bathroom and give it a lush natural vibe. Keep your plants with direct or indirect light and air sources. Those plants are ideal for bathrooms that can thrive in humid environments. 

Declutter the Bathroom Space

Making your bathroom clutter free will create a spacious and serene environment. Storage cabinets can be thoughtfully designed for your available spaces to give you an additional cushion in organizing bathroom essentials and toiletries. These will add functionality and free up visual space to highlight all the beautiful elements you have added during the bathroom renovation process. 

Go for neutral pieces like beautiful wicker baskets. Wicker can survive in high moisture areas and is quite durable. When placed aesthetically in the corners, these look good and serve as laundry baskets for collecting dirty clothes. Under the sink, cabinets can also be installed to place storage items that are not preferred to be displayed. 

Add a Touch with Bathroom Accessories

Revitalizing your bathroom will be incomplete without selecting accessories that reflect your style and match the overall theme. Consider adding wall art, including framed prints or paintings. Bold patterned designs will add more color to the space.

To the overall ambiance, you can add decorative items like scented candles, a vase with fresh flowers, a cosmetics holder, or an oil diffuser. These simple additions can make your bathroom look more stylish and elegant. A fluffy and absorbent bath mat or a colorfully printed door mat will add a rich texture to the overall look of your bathroom. 


Your bathroom can create a look that matches your personality and can help boost your mood. If you revitalize your bathroom using the creative ideas we have just discussed, you will achieve a stylish bathroom look, you have been dreaming about. So get ready, sort your options and plan your bathroom makeover with the help of remodeling experts. 


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