Remodelling The Kitchen

Remodelling The Kitchen Soon? This Is How The Low-Maintenance Shaker Style Combines Functionality And Elegance

Hardly can anything go right without being founded and based on a solid principle that’s closely followed, and this concept couldn’t be further from the truth in the case of kitchens. You don’t want to throw some expensive but inefficient furniture and appliances around, just like you likely don’t aspire for a kitchen that only pleases your aesthetic sense. The kitchen style stands out as a thumb rule guides it. If there’s any ingenious principle you should stick to, then “form following function” should be it. 

The shaker style is just what homeowners resort to when they can’t make up their minds whether they’ll prioritize the appeal, functionality, budget, or comfort in this room. This space serves as more than just a place to fulfil basic needs, so anything from the colour palette chosen for the cupboards to the model of the cabinetry’s panel doors to the spaciousness provided will weigh massively on the satisfaction extracted from the outcome. 

Shaker style, known for a high level of craftsmanship, practicality, minimalism, classic looks, and versatility in all types of kitchens, seems to have seized the stage for the past years, so let’s see how it can deliver both an exquisite touch and practicality when these two terms seem to exclude each other. 

What is the Shaker style all about?

This notion is echoed by the simplistically created lines, minimalistic adornments, attention to detail, and accentuation on longevity. These characteristics can be met in decently priced kitchens if, according to experts from kitchen warehouse ltd, the furniture provider prioritizes the quality of materials used and offers a wide range of models that can suit the needs of homeowners looking to create all styles and kitchens, serving any need.

As you may have seen in smartly arranged homes, the better part of the emphasis and the largest share of the budget is attributed to the cooking space and the functionality, longevity, and design of the pieces welcomed, all the more since the right touches can finally raise the value of the property.

Homeowners and today’s families are all about seeing each of their needs met by their highly-trafficked cooking area, whether they plan to invite friends over, conduct job tasks, set up a home bakery, spend quality time with family, or other more evolved purposes behind fulfilling the basic needs. 

Planning your kitchen with the shaker style in mind ensures it will be versatile without compromising on aesthetics and steers you in the right direction for a functional, efficient space. Embracing the shaker style’s ability to be multi-purpose while boosting the visual appeal is the main reason why this model is so prevalent in modern homes, so charting the course for the next revamp around it to thank yourself later down the road.

Shaker-style kitchens work for both traditional and contemporary designs

The ability to efficiently perform all sorts of kitchen tasks, such as baking bread or knitting, takes plenty of stress offon homeowners’ shoulders. The need to design and equip the other rooms to serve activities where plenty of light, comfort sitting, and other necessities are removed when you have a space you can rely on to work as a setting for unfolding them.

However, having already opted for a traditional or modern design might leave many wondering whether it’s possible to include clear-cut furniture without sacrificing the coherence of the rooms’ appeal.

There are few details to scrutinize when opting for a shaker-style kitchen in a room designed in a vintage, classy, or contemporary style. Shaker cabinets provide the perfect timeless and clean look, elevating the room to create something spectacular even in the most boring or overcrowded spaces. 

On the other hand, this equilibrium of functionality and simplicity leaves room for any other décor items or adornments to shine. If you have a masterpiece to hang up the wall, it won’t be overlooked.

Anything you want to suggest, whether striking luxuriance, subtle good taste, or futuristic smartness, can be achieved by going this route, so don’t sleep on the idea too much if you have the chance to transform your kitchen this way.

What else can you expect after opting for the shaker-style 

Shaker kitchens can be synonymous with modern, sleek, and clean looks in the kitchen, where ornamentation and kitschy elements are never at home. You can expect this move to be a profitable investment in the long run because homeowners adore beautiful looks that necessitate almost no maintenance. 

Shaker cabinets are also suitable for families with small kids because they’re sturdy, enduring, and practical. Traditional cabinets are often harder to clean, but the same isn’t applicable for their counterparts.

If durability and low maintenance are your key goals, you can easily find your needs met by shaker kitchens. 

What compromises will you make by choosing this path 

Evidently, there’s never only rainbows and butterflies when you choose an option out of two or more. The simple process of dismissing a choice in favour of another implies making a sacrifice, and this concept is not to be overlooked, especially when establishing how your kitchen will look in the following years.

Numerous individuals crave asymmetry to add a distinctive touch and a breath of fresh air, particularly when they quickly tire of well-established aesthetics. Suppose you’re a homeowner who can’t stand cabinets meticulously arranged down to the centimetre, precision, and exactitude. In that case, you might want to reconsider your options because the shaker style might be a little too spiritless to shake things up the way you want.

Furthermore, if you’re on a tight budget, you might need to dedicate a little bit more time to finding your perfect matches by checking a larger variety of providers. You don’t want to sacrifice the quality or longevity of your freshly purchased furniture, primarily when you work within budgetary restrictions, so broadening your style palette to incorporate more than the shaker kitchens might be the most valuable piece of advice you can receive. 

So, are you also the type of kitchen upgrader that prioritizes usefulness and refinement? If so, how are you going to achieve them both?


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