Planning a Stay in Manila, Philippines? Top Tips

We all love travelling to strange lands and if you are planning to spend some of your downtime in the Philippines, you have come to the right place. Of course, every visit begins with Manila, a unique metropolis that has much to offer the tourist, with a long and colourful history.

The best place to stay in Manila

There are many districts, with Makati being a popular choice with lots of shops, restaurants and retail stores. One of the most popular hotels in the city, offers 5-star luxury at affordable rates. We don’t recommend you frequent certain areas at nighttime; use your common sense and stay in busy areas after dark.

Getting around

While there are taxis everywhere, the locals use jeepneys, which are taxi trucks that can be a bit uncomfortable. Public buses run all day long and there is an app called Grab, which is similar to Uber. Manila seems chaotic to most Westerners, yet much like Bangkok, Manila seems to flow. The MRT underground transport system is another good way to get around the city.

Places to visit

If you go to Manila, you simply must see the National Museum, which showcases stunning art from Filipino artists and many artefacts from the country’s long history. If you are a lover of fine dessert, you can’t miss the Dessert Museum, where you can learn about the many sweet dishes made in the Philippines. If you are bringing the family with you, stop by at the Mind Museum, where you can learn about magnetic fields and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Click here for information about finding work abroad.

Get to know the currency

The Philippines Peso, or PHP, as it is known, is the national currency and we recommend carrying adequate cash for day-to-day activities, as many vendors only take cash. Some travellers prefer buying travel cheques, which they cash as and when needed; travel cheques are a good idea because if you lose them, you can acquire a new set. Simply obtain a police report regarding the loss and the travel cheque company will cancel the old cheques and issue new ones.

Do some online research

The more you know about a destination, the richer your experience will be; learn about the 7,500 islands that make up the Philippines. Many are uninhabited and local boat owners can take you to these unique islands. The Philippines has a long and colourful history and the US military were stationed in the Philippines during WWII.

Guided tours

If you want to ensure that your time is spent in the right places, why not book a guided tour? An English-speaking guide will accompany you throughout your holiday and enlighten you regarding the history. If your partner is Filipino, then you won’t have to worry, as he or she will arrange your time according to your preferences.

One thing is for sure, you won’t forget your holiday in the Philippines and most visitors will return at some point in the future.


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