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Piper Perabo Movies and TV Shows

Are you a fan? Are you curious about Piper Perabo movies and TV shows? Look no further, as we delve into the career of this talented actress.

Piper Perabo has made quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With an impressive filmography to her credit, she has captivated audiences with her versatile performances.

From her breakout role in “Coyote Ugly” to her critically acclaimed turn in “Lost and Delirious,” Perabo has proven her talent time and time again.

Early Career and Breakthrough Role

Piper Perabo’s journey in the world of acting began in the late 1990s. After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in theater, she moved to New York City to pursue her dreams. Perabo started her career with small roles in independent films and television shows, gradually making a name for herself in the industry.

In 2000, Perabo got her big break with the film “Coyote Ugly.” The movie, which revolves around a group of women working at a bar, showcased Perabo’s acting skills and brought her into the spotlight.

Her portrayal of Violet Sanford, an aspiring singer-songwriter, was praised for its charisma and charm. “Coyote Ugly” became a commercial success and put Perabo on the map as a rising star in Hollywood.

Another breakthrough was in the film “Red Machine,” also known as “Into the Grizzly Maze,” Piper Perabo portrayed a deaf photographer who was part of a bear hunting trip in British Columbia. This lead many to speculate is Piper Perabo really is deaf?

To authentically represent her character, she learned sign language, mastering about 200 words, and worked diligently to honor and respect the deaf community’s culture in her performance.

List of Piper Perabo Movie and TV Shows


  • 1999: Whiteboyz – Sara
  • 2000: The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle – FBI Agent Karen Sympathy
  • 2000: Coyote Ugly – Violet “Jersey” Sanford
  • 2001: Lost and Delirious – Pauline “Paulie” Oster
  • 2002: Slap Her… She’s French – Genevieve Le Plouff / Clarissa Fogelsey
  • 2003: Cheaper by the Dozen – Nora Baker
  • 2004: Perfect Opposites – Julia Bishop
  • 2004: The I Inside – Anna
  • 2004: George and the Dragon – Princess Luna
  • 2005: Edison – Willow Summerfield
  • 2005: The Cave – Charlene “Charlie”
  • 2005: Imagine Me & You – Rachel
  • 2005: Cheaper by the Dozen 2 – Nora Baker-McNulty
  • 2006: 10th & Wolf – Brandy
  • 2006: First Snow – Deirdre
  • 2006: The Prestige – Julia McCullough
  • 2007: Because I Said So – Mae Wilder
  • 2008: Beverly Hills Chihuahua – Rachel Ashe
  • 2008: The Lazarus Project – Lisa Garvey
  • 2009: Carriers – Bobby
  • 2010: Ashes – Bettina
  • 2012: Looper – Suzie
  • 2015: Into the Grizzly Maze – Michelle
  • 2017: Black Butterfly – Laura
  • 2019: Angel Has Fallen – Leah Banning
  • 2020: Spontaneous – Angela Carlyle

Television Shows

  • 2007: House – Honey (Episode: “Resignation”)
  • 2010–2014: Covert Affairs – Annie Walker (Main role; also producer)
  • 2013: Go On – Simone (Recurring role)
  • 2016: Notorious – Julia George (Main role)
  • 2019: Turn Up Charlie – Sara (Main role)
  • 2020: Penny Dreadful: City of Angels – Linda Craft (Recurring role)
  • 2021: The Big Leap – Paula Clark (Main role)
  • 2021: Yellowstone – Summer Higgins (Recurring role)
  • 2022: Billions


  • 2008: Reasons to Be Pretty – Carly (Lucille Lortel Theatre)
  • 2015: Lost Girls – Maggie (Lucille Lortel Theatre)

She has a long list of hit movies and TV shows, Stephen Kay, Piper Perabo husband and her also met on the stage of Cover Affairs. Despite theme of show, the couple remain happily married.

Bright Future in Entertainment for Piper Perabo

With a career spanning over two decades, Piper Perabo continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic performances and impressive range. She’s proven her versatility across various genres, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

As she takes on roles in the ever-popular series “Yellowstone” and other recent projects like “The Big Leap,” Perabo’s future in the industry looks promising. Her ability to seamlessly transition between film and television, coupled with her dedication to her craft, suggests that the best is yet to come for this talented actress.

With upcoming appearances and potential projects on the horizon, fans and critics alike eagerly anticipate what Piper Perabo will bring to the screen next.


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