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PC Gaming Controller Maintenance Tips for Extending Longevity and Functionality

Cleaning a controller isn’t just about banishing grime. It’s also about safeguarding its performance and preserving any custom mods you might have installed.

Start by unplugging the controller and removing any batteries. Place some paper towels on the table to catch any dirt that might spill.

Clean It Regularly

The gaming controller is essential to a gamer’s equipment, but it can get messy quickly. Gamers sweat and leave behind residues on their controllers, and food crumbs and saliva can get into tight spots.

If you don’t clean your gaming controller regularly, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Fortunately, it’s easy to disinfect a controller with rubbing alcohol.

First, shut off your controller and remove the batteries (if it’s wireless). Then, wipe down the controller with a damp cloth. Apply a dab of rubbing alcohol to the cotton ball and work it around all areas, including seams, buttons, and joysticks. Dry the controller with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Don’t Store It in Extreme Temperatures or Humidity

Keeping your controller for PC gaming in good shape can save you time and money. The best way to ensure your controller stays in excellent condition is by regularly cleaning and storing it.

Keep a lint-free cloth and rub alcohol (isopropyl) around it to wipe down the exterior and interior of your controller. Make sure to use isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 70% or lower, as higher concentrations can damage the materials in your controller.

Also, keep a toothbrush or cotton swabs and toothpicks around to clean the creases that run along the sides of your controller. These tiny gaps attract lots of grime and can lead to unresponsive buttons or analog sticks.

Turn Off Vibration Feedback

Modern controller for PC gaming use durable, robust hardware that can withstand even a hard whack. However, they can be expensive, costing up to seventy bucks or more for “premium” models.

Vibration feedback, or haptics, is an important feature that can create an immersive gaming experience for gamers. However, it can also be distracting and cause discomfort.

Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off vibration feedback. 

Adjust the Brightness Levels

It is essential to adjust your PC gaming controller’s brightness levels depending on your environment and preferences. Lowering the brightness can help you save power and battery life.

A few keys can be used on most computers to change the screen brightness. You can also set the computer to automatically adjust the brightness based on conditions, such as whether it is plugged in or not.

To do this, open the settings menu and select the checkbox next to “Customize brightness.” This will highlight the slider that can be used to adjust the console light’s brightness level. Once you’ve adjusted the brightness to your liking, exit the settings menu.

Suspend Your Console When Not in Use

Modern game controllers are durable but can break if you don’t care for them. They’re expensive, too, and finding the right one if yours breaks can be a pain.

Moisture can damage the inside of your gaming controller, so it’s essential to dry it thoroughly after cleaning. If you’re not careful, moisture may seep into the electronic components and cause various problems, from sticky buttons to malfunctioning joysticks.

Start by taking the batteries out of the controller. Then, use a plastic pry tool to remove the handle cover. It’s easy enough to do, but be careful not to damage the internal components.

Use a Wired Connection

Over time, a controller can accumulate gunk on its surface and inside the shell. This can cause buttons to become sticky or unresponsive, and it can also ruin a custom design. Regular cleaning helps prevent these problems.

Use Rechargeable Batteries

Aside from regular cleaning, another essential way to extend your gaming controller’s lifespan and functionality is by using rechargeable batteries. This will also assist you in avoiding needless replacement costs.

Store your consoles and controllers in a cool, dry place. Additionally, it is a good idea to have disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer around to wipe down your controllers after each use.

Before you start the cleaning process, unplug and disconnect your controllers and remove the removable batteries. Next, use a can of air to remove surface dust and pet hair from your controllers. You can also use a toothpick or toothbrush to clean the tiny nooks and crannies.

Replace Worn Out Joysticks and Buttons

The more a controller is used, the faster it might wear out. Regular cleaning helps to minimize this, as does storing it in temperate conditions.

Buttons can also become sticky and mushy over time. Rubbing alcohol can help restore the proper function. Use isopropyl alcohol to moisten a cotton swab, then gently stroke the button. To get the alcohol into the nooks and crannies, press the button a few times.

This is a complicated fix for anyone with experience dismantling controllers and soldering. If you attempt it, be careful not to damage the circuit board or the joysticks. Getting into the battery compartment is risky and will void any warranty.


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