Myths About Drug Detox

Myths About Drug Detox

Drugs, whether illegal ones or some prescription ones that can be abused, can wreak havoc on people’s lives. They affect not only the people who take them, but also their families and friends. Oftentimes, they may need the help of professionals. That might require that they look up something like “Drug Detox Nashville. TN” if they live in the area. There are some myths about drugs and recovery that might prevent people from getting the help that they need.

It’s Just a Matter of Willpower

People who haven’t found themselves in the grip of drugs think that it’s easy to walk away. Mind over matter, right? No. There are some drugs that become physically addictive, and there are very real withdrawal symptoms. If someone tries to quit these drugs immediately, the results can actually be harmful to them. There are drug detox professionals that can work with people to manage those withdrawal symptoms.

Detox and Rehabilitation Are the Same

These are actually two separate stages of freeing yourself from being addicted to drugs. Detoxifying is getting through the last remnants of any drug in one’s system. It also helps eliminate a person’s dependence on drugs.

Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is working on focusing oneself on other aspects of their lives and becoming healthy. They learn how to channel their thoughts into other activities when they recognize the desire to take drugs again. Drug addiction is a disease and it’s easy for one to relapse. Rehabilitation helps them keep that from happening.

Doing This Can Cure Addiction

As mentioned before, drug addiction is a disease. It’s a chronic one, which means that it’s not cured. Going through this process makes it somewhat easier to manage. But there are other elements when it comes to going to detox and rehabilitation — it starts a support system.

This staff at the center provide a basic framework for this, but it’s really the other people who participate in it that do the biggest part of it. They can be there for each other when they aren’t at the center. It’s important that someone has a trusted mentor that can guide them through hard times.

People Should Only Go Through the Program Once

When people hear about celebrities or other people returning to a center, they may scoff and shake their heads. “Didn’t it work the first time?” It’s not as easy as that. Also, it can be hard for people to just exit their personal lives for long periods of time. It can take several stays. Others might like the framework that the recovery center provides and use it as part of their rehabilitation. In short, others shouldn’t judge those who have to make these repeat visits.

People Shouldn’t Need Other Medication to Detox

There are those who think that the recovery should be all mental. That’s not the case with some drugs, like opioids or alcohol. They may need to take some medication to help them with the side effects of withdrawal. These will be administered by a professional who supervises everything. Then, once the withdrawal symptoms stop, the other medication is also tapered off. There shouldn’t be a stigma of any kind.

Drugs can be a very hard habit to break. People shouldn’t be ashamed of needing this help, and myths like this make it much harder. Refuting these myths can make it much easier for people to get the aid that they need.


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