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Must-Have Swimming Pool Supplies For a Safe and Fun Summer

Outfitting your backyard pool with the right tools can transform maintenance into a fun and easy chore; the Swim stocks must-have swimming pool supplies that help you get your collection in tip-top shape all summer.

Store toys and other accessories in a pool storage bin. This keeps the deck uncluttered and prevents a potential tripping hazard. Also, keep a first aid kit, ring buoy, and safety hook near the pool in an easily accessible location.


A thermostat lets you set a comfortable temperature and helps keep your energy bills down. Thermostats that operate remotely are even more convenient and allow you to monitor pool activity from a smartphone app.

Inflatable pools and accessories offer affordable options to get the kids swimming this summer. They also occupy less space and are easier to set up and disassemble than a framed pool.

Adding a thermometer to your pool gear helps you maintain optimal water temperatures and keeps your sanitizer levels where they should be. Investing in a water test kit is also helpful for resolving any imbalances.

Make sure to have a first aid kit for cuts, scrapes, and stings that may occur while swimming. It would help if you also considered having all family members take swimming lessons to improve water safety.

Safety Cover

A safety cover will keep kids and pets from falling into the pool and prevent leaves, debris, and runoff water from entering the pool. This reduces the work needed come Spring opening. It also helps to keep the algae and bacteria cocktail out of the pool.

Mesh safety covers are an excellent option for the price. They are similar to a large strainer and will allow rainwater and some sunlight to pass through but will keep out leaves and other debris that could create a dangerous cocktail come spring.

Heavy-duty mesh covers are also an option that will keep out light. These are thicker and more durable. These covers are more expensive than light-duty but also more durable.

Heater Mat

Swimming pools are an excellent way for kids and adults to burn off energy in the summer. But there are several things you should keep in mind to make your pool safe and fun for all who use it. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right pool supplies.

A solar water heater mat captures the sun’s rays to warm your pool without using electricity, making it a green option for your collection. It also folds up easily for convenient storage when not in use.

It’s essential to have a first aid kit nearby in case anyone gets cuts or scrapes while at the pool. A first aid kit should contain bandages, antiseptics, and other essential items for various injuries. Another must-have item is a set of pool rules that everyone agrees to abide by when at the pool.

Manual Vacuum

It’s no secret that keeping a pool clean isn’t easy. However, using the right tools and time, vacuuming your pool can be quick and easy.

To use your manual vacuum:

  1. Attach the head to a telescopic pole long enough to reach the bottom of your pool.
  2. Attach the hose and submerge the contraption.
  3. Before plugging in the hose, ensure it’s fully flooded with water to drive out any air bubbles that impede suction.

If your pool has algae, consider using a pool flocculant to clump smaller particles together so they’ll float down to the bottom of your pool and be more easily vacuumed. Once you’ve finished cleaning, let the pool water settle for a few hours to prevent the disturbed debris from making your pool murky again.


The long-handled pool skimmer makes it easy to skim leaves, bugs, and other debris from the surface of your swimming pool water. Skimmers are available for various pool sizes and can be paired with a telescoping pole to make cleaning your pool easier.

A skimmer lid is a must-have swimming pool accessory. It covers the top of your skimmer to prevent children and pets from falling into the skimmer basket. The best skimmer lid options are a good fit for your pool and look attractive.

A water testing kit is another pool supply you need to have on hand. This supplies near-instant information about your pool’s chemicals, allowing you to adjust them if needed. Also, having a high-quality kit on hand will allow you to quickly detect algae and other contaminants that can damage your equipment and surfaces.


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