Long Distance Moving Made Simpler –  Six Tips

Long-distance moving can be an exhilarating yet a highly stressful experience for many. The mountain of responsibilities and tasks can quickly overtake the thrill of shifting to a new home if you don’t plan well.

Hence, planning is essential for moving long distances. It helps in the organization of your belongings, elimination of unnecessary stuff, simplifies packing, helps you avoid stressful situations, and attain peace of mind.

Moving long distances requires you to sort out your plan well before, especially if you’ve spent most of your life in Colorado. You kinda get used to the scenery and the great outdoors.

The Centennial State has a lot to offer, but living costs, extreme weather patterns, traffic, overcrowding, and rising housing costs make it almost impossible to maintain a reasonable lifestyle.

We don’t blame you for moving, but it is crucial to carefully assess different aspects of moving long distances, from finding a new home to cleaning, packing, and travel arrangements.

A few tips that can help make your long-distance moving process smoother and more manageable include:

1.   Consider hiring a moving company

DIY methods might be more reasonable monetarily, but they are not efficient or reliable when talking long distances. The best idea would be to hire professional movers within Colorado to do the heavy lifting – moving your belongings from your old place to your new one.

Hiring a moving company can reduce stress, save time, and help you focus on other crucial things, such as saying farewell to your friends and family. You will be at ease knowing your belongings are secure and handled by professionals. Some moving companies even offer specialized services such as piano shipping or vehicle transport.

Most moving companies also provide insurance in case of unforeseen accidents so you can claim your belongings later. You also get additional services such as packing, unpacking, and other customizable services to ensure a smooth moving experience.

So get in touch with Colorado Springs long distance movers to discuss your moving plans and get quotes to expedite the process.  

2.   Always declutter

A smooth and organized long-distance move requires decluttering. Removing items you don’t need from your packing list, saves time and reduces costs.

Decluttering also helps you to start the journey in your new home with a clean slate. Getting rid of clutter will help you feel less stressed and more at ease while moving.

3.   Pack efficiently

Packing is an integral and time-consuming part of the entire moving process. The best tip to pack is to ensure you save time and secure your belongings. A good idea would be to start by setting up a packing station.

First, gather all your packing supplies in one area, such as boxes, packing tape, paper, scissors, bubble wrap, markers, plastic bags, garbage bags, etc. Next, start marking the boxes for each room.  

While putting stuff in boxes, it is advisable to use linens and towels to cushion delicate and fragile items like lamps and vases and wrap breakables like glassware or perfume bottles in socks for padding.

Moreover, consider packing heavier items such as books in suitcases instead of boxes since their wheels make it easier to move around.

4.   Label and color code boxes

Labeling boxes is an excellent idea because it makes them easily identified during unpacking. These boxes help avoid clutter since you know which box contains what items and belong to which room of the house.

You can tag your boxes with content, using a color, with numbers, or by room, as mentioned earlier. Take it a step further by marking your boxes with low, medium, and high priority so you’d know which ones to open first and which you can open later.

Another good idea is to label all sides of your boxes so that when you unload them into each room of the house, you don’t have to turn the boxes around repeatedly to find the label.

5.   Ask for help

Moving can be overwhelming, so feel free to ask for help whenever you need it. Get your friends and family to help you with your packing, unpacking, wardrobe organization, decluttering, and any other tasks you feel are burdening you.

It is natural for humans to be hesitant to ask for help. However, you must understand that moving is a big step in your life and a crucial process, and every additional pair of hands is a blessing in disguise.

If it is your first time moving out, you will likely move out of your parent’s home and have people around who can help you. You can designate small tasks for your siblings and friends, like assisting you in assembling boxes or organizing your closet.

Hire assistants for the moving day, especially if you’re handling everything independently rather than hiring experts.

6.   Enjoy your new home

Spend some time becoming acquainted with your new neighborhood while you settle in your new home.

Try to meet some new people and enjoy this thrilling journey. Spend some time exploring the neighborhood sights and learning about the past of your new city.

Consider rearranging the furniture a few times or adding some art, photographs, and personal touches to give your new place a cozier touch. Enjoy the process by giving yourself time to embrace the journey and find joy.


Long-distance travel is a challenging and exciting experience. It is natural to feel mixed emotions when embarking on a journey to a new place. While the appeal of starting from scratch and exploring uncharted territory is undeniable, it is essential to recognize the challenges it presents.

The logistic side of planning and organizing a move can be overwhelming, and it can be emotionally taxing to leave familiar surroundings. At the same time, the experience of settling into a new place and discovering new experiences, meeting new people, and understanding customs can be life-changing.

We hope you learned something from this article. If we missed something, please tell us in the comments below.


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