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Jimbo Fischer Son Disease – Fanconi Anemia

imbo Fischer, the renowned former coach of Florida State and Texas A&M, has two sons who have made remarkable strides in their own right. Ethan, one of Jimbo Fischer son disease is Fanconi Amenia.

Despite facing significant challenges, both Ethan and Trey Fischer have chosen paths that honor their father’s legacy while carving out their own unique identities.

Ethan Fischer: A Beacon of Hope

Ethan Fischer, the youngest of Jimbo’s sons, has a spirit that defies the odds. Diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Fanconi anemia, he has not allowed this condition to define or limit him.

Defying Odds with Fanconi Anemia

Fanconi anemia (FA) is a life-threatening genetic blood disease that can cause bone marrow failure and increase the risk of cancer. Despite this, Ethan is a testament to the power of positivity and determination. A high school senior at North Florida Christian, Ethan has made the most of his youth, pursuing his passions and living life to the fullest.

Ethan’s words on his condition are testament to his resilience: “I honestly forget that I have it. I was told (younger) I couldn’t do this. It motivated me. And now I am here (playing football).”

A Passion for Football

Ethan Fischer has football in his blood. Following in the footsteps of his father and uncle, Bryan, Ethan committed to play as a placekicker at Samford University, Jimbo Fischer’s alma mater. He also carries the legacy of legendary coach Bobby Bowden, creating a deep-seated connection to Samford and its football legacy.

A Public Journey of Strength

Ethan’s journey with Fanconi anemia has been in the public eye since his diagnosis in 2011. The Kidz 1st Fund, set up by Jimbo Fischer and his ex-wife Candi, has raised over $12 million for research at the Kidz 1st Fund Comprehensive Fanconi Anemia Center at the University of Minnesota, showcasing the Fischer family’s commitment to battling this disease.

A Testament to Courage

The Dale Doss Courage Award, presented by the Tallahassee Quarterback Club, recognized Ethan’s resilience in overcoming adversity. This award is usually given to a local student-athlete who has shown remarkable courage in the face of severe adversity.

Trey Fischer: Carrying on the Legacy

Like his brother, Trey Fischer, the eldest son of Jimbo Fischer, has also found his place on the football field. His journey to the HBCU Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida, marks an exciting new chapter in his career.

A Star in the Making

Trey spent his formative years in Tallahassee while his father coached Florida State to the national title in 2013. He emerged as a star player at Godby High School, showcasing impressive statistics with 312-of-550 career pass attempts for 4,626 yards and 49 touchdowns.

Venturing into Unfamiliar Territory

Trey’s collegiate career began at UT-Martin. However, he transferred to Florida A&M University, marking a new phase in his football journey. The 5’11, 180-pound junior is now one of six quarterbacks on the Florida A&M roster.

Looking Ahead: A Future in Coaching

Trey has his eyes set on a future in coaching. He hopes to learn from his father’s coaching style and create his own unique approach.

Trey’s ambition is clear: “I know I want to go be a G.A. (graduate assistant) for my dad, learn his offense, how he coaches, and hopefully even implement some of my own stuff.”

Relationship With Step-Mother Courtney Harrison Fisher

Courtney Harrison Fisher is the stepmother to Ethan and Trey Fisher, who are Jimbo Fisher’s sons from his previous marriage to Candi Fisher. As Jimbo’s current wife, she has stepped into a parental role for both boys, with Trey pursuing a career in football like his father, and Ethan having recently committed to Samford University as a kicker..

Take Inspiration

The story of Jimbo Fischer’s sons, Ethan and Trey, is one of resilience, determination, and hope. Both have taken the challenges life has thrown at them and used them as stepping stones towards their goals.

Their journeys, though different, are equally inspiring, reminding us all of the power of perseverance and the strength of the human spirit. As they continue to write their own stories, the legacy of Jimbo Fischer lives on through them, and they serve as an inspiration to many.


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