Utilize Your Event Space to its Full Potential

How to Utilize Your Event Space to its Full Potential

When planning events, finding a suitable event space is essential. The proper venue can enhance the overall experience and create a memorable event. Having limited space shouldn’t stop your business from hosting eye-catching events. Here are a few ways to make the most of your event space.

Create a Minimalist Design

A minimalist design is a great way to make an event space feel bigger. Too much color, furniture, or decoration can overwhelm a small venue and crowd the space. Instead, choose one focal point to add interest to the room and keep the rest of the decorations simple.

For example, minimalist weddings avoid many colors and use monochrome schemes. They also use reusable or rented decor items and charitable donations instead of traditional favors to minimize the environmental impact of their special day.

Minimalism is perfect for an event space in Chicago that wants to align with sustainability values. Plus, it helps reduce waste and saves time and money compared to more extravagant events. It’s true regarding things like disposable plates, cutlery, and cups that can harm the environment.

Create a Flowing Layout

Your event space layout and design will significantly impact your attendees’ experience of the entire event. Whether they are trying to learn, network, or see a performance, how your room is designed will either enable this or hinder it.

The layout should allow for easy flow of delegates to all the different event areas and ensure they can access any catering, refreshments, or equipment needed. It should also consider how many people you will accommodate and if you must create specific seating arrangements.

If you serve plated or buffet-style catered food, this will require more space for the banquet food tables and clear routes to and from these areas.

Use Lighting to Create a Mood

Adding lighting to your event space helps create the right atmosphere for the occasion. Brighter light fixtures, a lighter color palette, and luminous decorations all help make an event feel more inviting to attendees.

To add visual interest to a small event space, use lights in unique ways, such as highlighting corners of the room or setting up gorgeous lounge areas where attendees can enjoy some time away from the crowds. Lighting also helps attract guests to essential items like buffets, bars, and tables.

Lastly, consider using lighting to create a dramatic entrance to your venue. It is a great way to impress your attendees when they enter the door. With so many people looking to bring their events to eye-popping spaces, making your venue memorable to everyone in attendance is essential.

Create a Warm and Inviting Environment

Creating a warm and inviting environment can help guests relax and feel comfortable in your small event space. It can be done by adding extra seating, providing cozy lounge areas, and incorporating soft lighting. Be bold and move furniture around to make the room feel bigger. For example, if you have a table taking up much floor space, try switching it out for something slimmer, like a low bar.

Consider hanging signs, displays, or other decor if you have a ceiling. It will allow you to accentuate the room’s existing character without using too much additional space. Just make sure to inquire about any limitations or specifications from the location before hanging anything.

Add a Variety of Seating Options

The type of seating you choose for an event can make or break the atmosphere you’re trying to create. While most venues will have chairs and tables arranged in specific ways, they can still be changed to better suit your event.

Consider classroom-style seating for lectures, group discussions, and information sessions. Or U-shape seating that saves floor space while still allowing guests to interact with each other. Or try lounge-style seating using chairs, sofas, or cushions ideal for networking events or informal presentations.

If you have access to a collaborative venue diagramming tool, it’s easy to add seating maps and see how different arrangements affect the overall feel of the space. You’ll be able to find the perfect option that best reflects your event’s purpose, style, and needs!


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