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How to Save Money on Party Boat Rentals Without Compromising on Fun

Renting a party boat is a unique experience that provides an unforgettable memory for you and your guests. However, party boats are in high demand and can be quite expensive.

When renting a party boat, ask your rental agent about possible package deals. These may include catering and entertainment options that could help reduce costs significantly.

Bring Your Food & Drinks

When planning your bachelorette party, you have some options to choose from that can economize the budget without compromising on fun. One option is to bring your food and drinks to the party boat rental Fort Lauderdale. This will save you money on catering costs and allow you to monitor the amount of alcohol your guests are drinking.

Some boats have onboard BBQs and large eskies to accommodate your food. You can also nominate one of your party guests to cook some of the meals and snacks onboard.

If you want to bring your food and drinks, check what’s included in your party boat rental price. You’ll likely be able to negotiate a deal of the boat, captain, crew, gas and ice for an all-inclusive price. Pack some snacks, such as bite-sized cheese truffles or homemade crunchy crackers.

Skip the Traditional Decorations

Buying decorations for your party boat can be expensive. One way to save money while making the space more festive is to use reusable, environmentally friendly items such as potted plants and succulents instead of disposable decorations.

If your party boat cruise will include a meal, consider having it catered instead of providing your food. This will save you money on food costs and reduce cleanup time.

Another way to save on decorating costs is to avoid traditional wedding or birthday decorations and instead focus on nautical-themed décors like life preservers and plastic anchors. You could even hang fish netting on the walls to add to the boat theme and create fun photo booth backdrops.

Finally, don’t forget to look for local deals and discounts on party boats before booking. These can often be found on social media and deal websites and can help you stretch your budget without sacrificing the quality of your celebration.

Be Strategic About When You Rent

Many factors determine the rental price of party boats, including boat size and duration. To save money, book your boat well in advance and consider renting during the off-season. Splitting the rental cost with a few friends or family members can also reduce expenses.

Another way to save money on your party boat experience is to look for discounts and deals available for your group. Local deal websites and apps often feature coupons or other offers that can help you stretch your budget.

If you want to make the most of your day on the water, ask the captain about sandbars and other hidden destinations accessible from your boat. These spots can be great for a photoshoot or to hang out and enjoy the water. Always stay safe when exploring sandbars and other areas, and be sure to have fun!

Arrive Early

Getting out on the water in a party boat is a unique experience that impresses your guests. However, it would help if you arrived early so that you can take advantage of all of the features that your rental has to offer.

This is especially true if you want to save money on your boat rental. Many companies will offer discounts for customers arriving on time or before the scheduled party boat rental.

When you arrive early, you also avoid the stress and hassle of cleaning up after your event. This will free you up to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the water. It is a great way to make your birthday event one that will be remembered for years! Whether you are celebrating a bachelorette party or want to celebrate your birthday in style, it is easy to save money on party boat rentals by following these tips.


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