How to Remove Gardening Stains

Gardening is our favorite pastime; it is good for the body and soul. The variety of colors and aromas from flowers brings peace to us. However, gardening can be a bit messy. Soils go under your nails, while visible green patches and gardening stains are on your clothes.

Although getting dirty is already expected when gardening, the stains can get us worked up. Bringing your gardening clothes to the laundry service website is not enough. You have to do some pretreat methods to remove the gardening stains successfully.

So, how can you remove these gardening stains? 


You cannot avoid mud stains when it comes to gardening. It is the most expected stain you will have. Mud stains are better pretreated when completely dry. Do not attempt to treat mud stains when wet or damp, and the stain will spread even more.

Use a butter knife to lift as much mud from your gardening clothes. When you remove the excess mud, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the stain that has set into your clothes. It is better to use liquid dish soap on mud stains. Brush both sides of the mud stain in a circular motion. Repeat the steps several times to lighten the stain color. 


Green patch stains are evident on your knees. Remove the grass stain with cold water and rubbing alcohol to make the stain easier to lift. After pretreating the stain with rubbing alcohol, rub laundry detergent onto the stain. You should notice the green patch lifts when you rinse the laundry detergent. If there are stains left, continue to repeat the removal process.


Shake off your gardening clothes to remove any lingering pollen. Make sure to do this step outside to avoid the pollen from transferring to other clothes. Locate the pollen stains and remove the pollen with masking tape. Pollen will stick to the tape. If pollen residues still exist, run cold water on the stain to flush out the residue.


You might not notice rust on the plant pots, gardening tools, or garden furniture, and it may have transferred to your gardening clothes. If this happens, you have to pretreat the rust stain. You can use lemon juice and table salt to remove the stain. Sprinkle salt on the rust stain and squeeze the lemon over them.

Lay your garden clothing on a flat surface and make sure it is under direct sunlight; this speeds up the process of pretreating the rust stain. You can also use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in pretreating rust stains. When you have pretreated the rust stain, you can wash them and repeat the process if there are still stains on the clothes.

Are the gardening stains removed successfully? It takes a little effort and more patience when dealing with different garden stains, and sometimes removing the stains is quite a challenge. If you are still struggling to remove the stains, you can delegate your clothes for laundry pickup. 


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