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How to Raise Money for Your Sports Team With These Winning Fundraising Ideas

If your team has a website, make it a percentage day by encouraging supporters to donate online. Create a menu that shows impact so your supporters know their donation is going to a good cause.

Organize a coach talent show to raise money for your school or youth sports league. Invite other coaches to participate and offer a prize to the winner.


Uniforms, equipment, travel costs to tournaments — all of these expenses are often beyond what a team’s dues and ticket sales can cover. They must seek fundraising ideas for sports teams, like sponsorships.

Partner with local businesses to sponsor your team. To attract new supporters, offer your sponsors visibility at games and events and on your team’s website.

Organize a community potluck fundraiser, where team members and spectators bring healthy dishes to share. This is “on brand” for sports teams and a fun way to bring your team together off the field.

Please set up a car wash in a high-traffic area and allow people to drop by and clean their cars for a fee. Secure a permit and gather all necessary supplies ahead of time, including liability waivers that participants can sign online from their mobile devices using digital waiver apps.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are always a crowd-pleaser and an easy way to raise money for your sports team. Organize an event where local food truck vendors come to your school or arena and sell a variety of foods, including burgers, tacos, and more. This is a great option for a summer fundraising event and can also be an added attraction to your games.

A fun, competitive fundraiser, this sports team fundraising idea will surely put a smile on your participants’ faces. Let your athletes secure pledges from their supporters, ranging from $1 to $100 per jump, lap, or push-up the coach must perform. Afterward, reward the top performers with prizes for their hard work! You could also host a coach punishment game where spectators pay $1 to vote for which stunt their coach must perform.


Sporting programs can get pricey, especially regarding uniforms, equipment, and travel. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for sports teams to raise money that help minimize expenses while strengthening bonds with fans.

Text-to-give allows donors to give at the moment through a quick and easy process. Rather than navigating through a complex donation page, they text your team’s unique code, and their mobile phone provider tracks the amount to their next bill.

This is a great fundraiser to host alongside fundraising events or in conjunction with pledge campaigns. Promote this giving option on your website and e-newsletters to make it as accessible as possible. Ensure participants sign liability waivers ahead of time using online waiver management software. This way, everyone can participate safely.

Best Seat in the House

This fun fundraiser is a variation of the typical raffle. You can host a stand-alone event or use it with other fundraising ideas. Just purchase prime seats at a local sports venue and offer them to supporters as the prize.

Raise funds for your team with this playful yet effective fundraising idea. Assign a number to each rubber duck and sell tickets. The first duck to cross the finish line wins! You can also focus the contest on strength-based activities, like seeing who can safely do the most push-ups or sit-ups.

Kids love to see their teachers and principals in embarrassing situations. Set a fundraising goal, and have your school’s leader do something goofy once reached. This fundraiser can include things like a dunk tank or duct tape, the principal. You can also use a breakaway banner to advertise the fundraiser(check out this site).


A hit-a-thon is a fun way to raise money for your sports team. It uses peer-to-peer fundraising, allowing players to build their donation pages to reach out to friends and family asking for donations. Team management software like Donorbox makes this easy and manageable!

Create a list of your top hitters and allow people to sponsor them for their home runs. Decide how much each home run is worth based on how skilled your hitters are.

Encourage your players to write letters to their supporters explaining what the funds will be used for. This helps create a personal connection with your donors and can increase your fundraising results yearly. A baseball clinic is a great way to raise funds while teaching the community new skills.


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