How to Plan an Incredible Company Party

Are you currently planning a company party that will blow away your employees? A fun day of celebrating will increase your employees’ morale and happiness.

However, orchestrating a great company party can be hard work. It can look even more intimidating if you need help with how to go about it.

Follow some simple steps, and you will be well on your way to planning a fantastic business event. It’s all about covering the basics before your big day. Here are some pointers to help you throw an impressive company get-together.

Determine the Purpose and Budget

The event’s purpose should be to show employee appreciation and recognition, increase morale, and help employees connect on a personal level. When setting a budget, consider all overhead expenses, such as rent, food, decorations, entertainment, etc.

Additionally, factor in any costs related to transportation and accommodations for people who have to travel for the event. Set a realistic deadline for spending, and review the party’s needs with a willing vendor to ensure you get the best deal. 

Choose the Date and Venue

When planning the best party, finding the right function venue is important. Ideally, the venue should be accessible for all employees, clients, and guests in attendance.

The date is also of utmost importance; finding a date that works for everyone’s schedule is best. The time of day and length of the event should also be considered when planning a successful party. 

Create a Theme

An incredible company party starts with creating a fun and festive theme. Think of a fun, upbeat concept that all employees can enjoy.

Consider popular trends and past successes to create a theme that will make the party memorable. Companies can create a bold theme by picking a favorite decade – like the roaring 20s or the psychedelic 60s. Alternatively, consider a more subtle theme like a masquerade or beach party.

Plan Entertainment and Activities

Select high-quality activities catering to all ages, preferences, and cultures to create an incredible company party. You can choose from various activities, from games and activities to live music, dancing, and even comedy.

Make sure to allocate enough time for each activity and create a program for the day. For example, you can organize a musical chairs game for the younger employees, hire a band for the adults and enjoy some karaoke or stand-up comedy.

Organize the Catering

Choosing the tasty foods you will serve, ensuring there is enough food to feed everyone, and, of course, ensuring the catering costs don’t go over budget are all things that need to be carefully thought out. Before you start planning the catering, you should list what will be served and how much of each item is needed.

Ensuring a Fun and Memorable Company Party

Planning an incredible company party is a great way to foster team morale and show appreciation for hard work. With thoughtful preparation, coordination of activities, and communication with your team, it is possible to plan an incredible business party.

Planning for a great party can be tedious, so hire a professional event planning team to do the heavy lifting. Get in touch today, and let us handle the hard part!

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