How To Plan A Wedding For Over 100 Guests Without Getting Stressed!

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time, and though stress is expected with the planning process, any steps to reduce it will always be welcome, especially when it comes to larger weddings. With this in mind, here are a few ways to plan a wedding for more than 100 guests without getting stressed.

Use a wedding planner

Planning a wedding always comes with some stress, but when your planning for a large guest list, it becomes all the more tricky. A great way to stay on top of everything is to have all the information in one place. A wedding planner will be ready-made with sections for each part of the day, so you can keep track of what you’ve booked, what still needs to be decided on, and prevents you losing any important documents and information. 

Finalise the guest list early

Regardless of guests size, you’ll want to finalise the guest list ahead of time, but with over 100 guests, confirming final numbers means you can not only stay on top of your budget, but you will also have more time to plan, search for good deals and arrange menu details.

Usually the wedding invitations are sent out after booking your venue, but sending initial save the dates with RSVP required will allow you to make sure you pay for the exact number of guests who will be attending, rather than accommodating too many or having to change plans later sue to unexpected extra numbers.

Be flexible with your wedding venue search

If you have your heart set on a larger wedding, you’ll likely need to be flexible with the wedding venue. A lot of venues will only accommodate so many people, so even if you love the idea of a character manor house, if it only accommodates 80-100 guests, it simply won’t fit your plans.

Be open to different venue styles and locations; locations around the UK will cost different amounts, for example London carries a higher cost than you would pay for venues in Essex or other surrounding counties. Afterall, having all the people you love present on your wedding day is more important than ticking every box on your wedding venue wishlist.

Think smart with the wedding food

A luxurious, three-course meal will come with a price tag to match the quality. With more than 100 guest dining, this part of the day can end up eating a large chunk of your budget. But times have changed, and these days, there are plenty more choices when it comes to your wedding menu. Consider live cooking, buffets, food carts or sharing boards to not only bring down costs, but to give your guests more choice. It’s a win-win!

Send everyone information packs

Organising over 100 people is no easy feat, and the last thing you need in the run up to your big day, or worse on the day itself, is hoards of guests bombarding you with questions. To help prevent this, put together information packs with all the details, from things to know ahead of the wedding to the running of the day so guests know where to be and what to expect at all times. This way, there should be no need to bother you and your other half on a day when you just want to focus on each other.


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