How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of University

University is a pivotal period for teenagers and young adults. It’s when they grow in their independence and understand their likes, dislikes, talents, and passions. It’s a big time, and they aren’t going to have a game plan in mind when they get started.

That is where you come in. There are so many excellent ways that you can help your child get more out of their education, learn more about what they want for their future, and improve their chances of being accepted for their first job. Even older teenagers need encouragement, and with this guide, you’ll know exactly how to offer just that:

Encourage Out-of-School Learning

While universities offer full course loads, encourage them to look outside their program to learn more. This could be done by taking on extra courses, going to lectures or talks, or even enrolling on extra programs that will help them with their career and education. Even just going to museums can help.

Strategize with Their Desires

Your kid can change their minds as many times as they want. They’re still growing and haven’t settled into who they will be just yet. A good way to let them grow while still helping them get into a great job that they want later on is to help them strategize based on their latest dream job.

Help them work out internships to apply for or provide assistance if they want to get a master’s and need help with the application and GPA scores, and so on. To help improve their chances with any of these extra steps, they’ll want to use the GPA calculator to help your child understand where they’re currently at.

They can use their GPA to get accepted into internships or training programs or can use that as the kick they need to refocus their efforts on their education.

Encourage One Extracurricular at a Time

You want your kid to have time to study, hang out with friends, and simply relax. You also want them to add to their resume and get a great start in life. A good compromise is to encourage one extracurricular activity at a time. This could be a society, it could be a volunteering program, or it could be an internship.

While they should stay busy, they also shouldn’t be overworked. It also gives them a chance to make more friends, which results in more great opportunities to relax and not think about the future.

Encourage Them to Use All University Resources

Every university will have various resources, from mental health to career support to specific program opportunities. Not only do you need your teen to investigate these, but you also need them to take advantage of the opportunities available, especially if they have any disabilities.

Make Home a Safe Space

It can be daunting for teens to leave the nest, so you need to make home a safe space. There are always ways to strategize and get started again, but if your teen comes home after a breakdown, the last thing they need is for you to freak out. Schools are adaptable. Your teen can resume their courses next semester or next year and just defer for the time being.


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