How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Haircut for Your Face Shape

A great haircut doesn’t just happen – it’s tailored to your specific face shape. And like a great suit, it’s not one-size-fits-all.

A well-chosen men’s haircut can transform your look by accentuating or downplaying the natural contours of your features. But where to start? Find the perfect cut for your face shape using these tips.

Round Face

Men with round faces can find it challenging to find a flattering haircut. If you go too long on the top or too short on the sides, you can lose the aesthetic of your look and end up looking like a grade-A poindexter dude.

The solution is to add some angles to your face with a shorter haircut on the sides and longer on the top. This helps to elongate your face and draw attention to your cheekbones.

You can choose styles such as a pompadour, slicked back, fade cut, faux hawk, or quiff haircut for a style that suits you. Adding side-swept bangs can also help slim your face’s appearance and add definition. Try a taper or skin fade for a more subtle and stylish take on this haircut.

Square Face

If you have a square face shape, consider a shaggy layered bob. The soft, face-framing layers will help balance your strong jawline and frame your cheekbones. Work a smoothing hair oil through your hair to remove any extra bulk and create a sleek finish.

A side-parted long bob also works well for this face shape, accentuating your gorgeous hair and adding volume to your look. If you have wavy hair, add texture to your style with a dry texturizing spray for added movement.

Round-shaped faces have rounded chins and lack dominant features or sharp angles, making them ideal for any heightened cut, such as the pompadour. To avoid looking like a clown, opt for a skin fade.

Long Face

Men with long faces can use geometric logic to find a flattering haircut. They should aim for styles that elongate the look without adding bulk. They can go with a brushed-up fringe or short, layered bob with closed sides to do this.

Coily textures also work well with this face shape. You can try a braided mullet or a stacked inverted bob that shows off your natural texture and helps balance your proportions.

Wider at the temple and hairline area, narrowing down to a point at the chin, a heart-shaped face can benefit from optical illusions to make it appear more proportioned. Your stylist’s mens haircuts Westlake OH can help you achieve this by recommending a mid-length or longer sweeping look, like a pompadour with a close fade or a classic crew cut.

Oval Face

Men with oval faces tend to have balanced proportions, meaning their width across the cheekbones and jawline is relatively consistent. They can pull off almost any haircut but should avoid styles that elongate the face. This means avoiding slicked back, close fades, or side partings and instead opting for a classic cut that accentuates your jawline with some light stubble.

Round faces lack angles, so your hairstyle must create some. Longer proportions up top — such as a brushed-up fringe or pompadour — will elongate your face, and adding some height with a quiff will help balance out the wider sides of your face.

Spiky hairstyles also work well on rounded faces to add more definition and shape, so be sure to experiment with various styles like faux hawks, undercuts, or fades.

Rectangular Face

You have a rectangular face shape if your face is long, with wide cheekbones and a narrow jawline and chin. Men with this face shape typically have solid and chiseled features. Rather than soften the angles of your face, try to highlight and emphasize those features. This will make you look bold and confident. Try a pompadour, faux hawk, low fade, or classic layered side part. You can also opt for a thick quiff; make sure that the length of your hair doesn’t exceed your face length.

Thad recommends that people with an oblong face shape opt for hairstyles that make their faces appear more oval, complimenting the symmetry of their facial features. For example, he suggests trying side fringes or more volume on top to widen the cheekbones.


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