How to Care & Maintain Your Kukri Knife Like a Pro?

It’s great to know you have finally decided to take care of your kukri knife! 

Owning a kukri knife can be incredibly beneficial in cutting bushes, chopping, and even acting as a self-defense tool in the woods. 

But if you often have to buy a new kukri every year, then there are chances that you might not be taking enough care of your companion.

Yes, you heard it right!

No matter how expensive your tool is, if you’re unable to take great care of it, you’re likely to going to lose in the long run.

Don’t worry; this post will highlight some of the care and maintenance tips for your genuine gurkha kukri knife that will make it last long for years to come. 

Let’s discuss them in detail!

1. Don’t Forget to Oil it

It is quite a common yet most overlooked aspect that people ignore to take care of their Kukri knives. To add more years to its life, consider oiling your Kukri knife after every use. Even if you know you will not be using your partner in the month, it’s still wise to consider oiling it before and after every use. Not only will it help prevent your knife from rusting but also it will help to increase its lifespan.

For more effective results, consider using sandpaper before applying grease or oil. For metal accessories of your knife, try to use metal polish to keep it looking shiny. If you’re not going to be using your knife for long, then oil the blade, enclose it with polythene, and don’t put it in the sheath. 

2. Maintain Your Sheath 

There is no denying that the casing of all kukri knives is made of animal skin. Thus, it is susceptible to damage in extreme weather conditions. In hot weather, it might expand while in cold weather, it can shrink. Always remember not to leave your sheath under the sun for a longer period of time as it can loosen the cover which will make it of no use.

Though the sheath is durable and of high quality, it still should not be used on metal surfaces. Also, you should know that you should avoid getting your sheath into the water for long. Keeping these tips in mind will help you extend the life of your sheath.

3. Consider the Handle 

Among all other things, it is hard to forget one of the important parts of the knife, i.e. handle. If you, however, expose your knife to extreme weather conditions, it will likely contract. Ensure you leave your knife in neither a very hot nor very cold environment as it can ultimately ruin the durability of your kukri knife’s handle.

If you want to keep your handle looking new, then always consider polishing it after every use so you don’t need to buy a new one every time. Consider wiping the dirt off your knife’s handle using a clean cloth. 

4. Choose the Right Storage Method

Despite implementing all these techniques, people usually make the mistake of storing their Kukri knives wherever they want. Not only will it increase the chance of getting theft but also it will attract rust. Try to keep your companion in a dry environment away from moisture. Even if your blade starts developing rust, try to clean it using a clean cloth often to prevent any potential damage in the future. 


So, that’s a wrap to the care and maintenance tips to consider for your Kukri Knife! Following these tips will make your tool look new while preserving its durability and strength. 


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