How to Cancel a Timeshare Contract Legally

Did you know that 85% of timeshare buyers regret their purchase? If you are tired of your timeshare and want to get out of it, we can help you cancel that pesky contract you can’t seem to get out of.

Following our tips for canceling a timeshare can get that monthly payment lifted off your back. It can help you move forward toward financial freedom.

You’ll also discover what your options are when it comes to exiting this type of financial arrangement. Keep reading to learn all about how to cancel a timeshare contract.

Cancel During the Rescission Period

Most timeshare contracts have a rescission period, usually between three and five days, depending on the contract. During the rescission period, you can cancel the contract without financial penalties.

You’ll need to notify the timeshare company and submit any necessary documentation. The written notice should include the cancellation of the contract, your name, and the date of sale. It should also include the purchased timeshare and other required information.

Make sure to make a copy of your cancellation and the timeshare company’s receipt of the notice. Once the rescission period is over, you will not have the right to cancel the timeshare contract, and you may face legal or financial penalties.

Timeshare Deed-Back

It provides a legally binding end to a timeshare agreement, allowing you to get out of your contract with minimal costs. The process begins with you agreeing to a deed-back for your timeshare property.

The timeshare developer is then contacted, often using a deed-back company to do this for you. Next, the timeshare developer will review the contract and agree to terminate the timeshare agreement, releasing you from the contract. The timeshare developer will require payment for maintenance and other relevant fees until the release is complete.

Furthermore, when the timeshare developer has agreed to the termination, you will receive confirmation of the deed-back. You will then be legally released from the timeshare agreement.

Use a Timeshare Exit Company

These are companies that specialize in helping customers with their timeshare cancellation needs. They can advise on how to best cancel the contract by the law and assist with the paperwork.

After researching the company, they can oversee the process to ensure it is done in the most efficient way possible. They also help to protect if there are any hassles or further difficulties with a timeshare company. The fee is worth it, as using a timeshare exit company avoids potential legal pitfalls and ensures a successful cancellation.

Make sure to avoid companies that require you to pay upfront or ones that feels shady. You should also be aware of fake timeshare exit review sites, as they are most likely out there to scam you.

Get Professional Help to Cancel a Timeshare Contract

For timeshare owners who wish to cancel their contract legally, the best option is to contact their providers to discuss canceling the contract. Professionals can provide guidance and advice on the best steps to take.

Contact a qualified legal advisor if you want to cancel a timeshare contract. Ask about their timeshare cancellation services to begin the process.

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