How Radiology Tech Travel Jobs Can Boost Your Career

Radiology techs are in high demand for their expertise with X-rays, CT scans and other diagnostic imaging equipment. These healthcare professionals often earn top pay during their 13-week assignments. A travel radiology job can be an excellent option for those who want to see the world while building their skills and experience.

More Experience

Travel radiology tech jobs provide a great way to gain experience in various areas. Working 13-week contracts at different hospitals means seeing the country and working in many different environments. You can see it all, from large urban hospitals to small suburban clinics and rural healthcare offices, while building your skillset. Radiology technologists, also known as rad techs, play a key role in the imaging process of diagnosing a wide range of diseases and conditions. With their expert skills, doctors and nurses could understand and respond to patients promptly. Because of their high demand, radiology techs can find jobs at nearly every hospital in the country. That means you can pick and choose the locations, shifts, and contract lengths that best suit your needs and career goals. You can even expand your horizons by testing for post-primary certifications, which allow you to learn new techniques and modalities. The benefits of being a traveling radiology tech can be life-changing for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. It requires a level of flexibility and adventure that not everyone can handle, but it’s a great option for those who want to work in the places they have always dreamed of seeing while still having some form of stability in their careers.

Better Pay

In addition to enjoying a variety of new clinical settings, radiology tech travel jobs can also earn competitive salaries and other benefits. They may receive bonuses for taking on high-need assignments, working extra hours or filling in for staff at short notice. These bonuses can increase their hourly rate significantly, adding a significant amount to their annual salary. Additionally, many medical staffing agencies offer free housing or tax-free stipends that allow travel rad techs to keep more of their paycheck. This can be especially helpful if they’re traveling to areas of the country they’ve always wanted to visit. So if you wish to brave the Alaskan wilderness or relax on a Florida beach, a travel radiology job could be just the ticket. Many healthcare facilities hire travelers to help during peak seasons or when experiencing unexpected staff shortages. For example, a hospital in a ski town may need extra coverage during the winter months, or a facility specializing in certain imaging modalities might need more staff due to the need for specialist clinicians. In these situations, the pay for a travel radiology technician will be higher than that of a permanent staff member. This is especially true if the facility is located in an area with a high demand for the expertise of a particular travel radiology professional.


Radiology techs, or rad techs, are in high demand nationwide. This is due to a nationwide staffing shortage that has hospitals looking for travel healthcare professionals like rad techs to help out.

Getting a rad tech job allows you to travel and see the country while keeping your skills sharp and earning a great salary. As a travel rad tech, you’ll work in many different facilities and often be the only rad tech in the department, so you need to be flexible and work well with nurses, doctors, and other personnel. Depending on the facility’s needs, traveling rad techs can also work night or day shifts. Some modalities like CT scans or MRIs require overnight on-call duty. During the day, hospitals may have more patients and need more staff. In addition to being able to choose your assignments and locations, rad techs that work as travelers will get paid more than those who take permanent positions. They’ll also receive bonus incentives based on site, contract completion, and referrals. Plus, most travel rad tech jobs offer free housing or a tax-free housing stipend to help offset living expenses while on assignment. This allows you to save more money and keep your paycheck higher.

More Job Opportunities

From invasive cancer in the brain to a broken finger, radiology technologists capture images of an array of disorders with X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and fluoroscopy. Without these medical professionals, doctors and nurses would be blind to their patients’ conditions. The need for radiology techs is on the rise. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting 7% growth through 2029, hospitals and clinics nationwide need skilled and experienced medical professionals like you to help them keep their patients healthy. Travel radiology techs often work in acute hospital settings, but they may also find work in outpatient care centers, government/military facilities, community-based healthcare centers, and more. Rad techs in these locations often work various shifts, including night and day shifts, depending on their modality and the facility.

Radiology techs need to be detail-oriented, compassionate, and excellent communicators. This helps them effectively interact with patients, doctors, and other staff members. They must also be flexible as new equipment and software emerge, forcing them to learn or relearn procedures and techniques. As a travel radiology tech, you can pursue the career of your dreams while exploring a different part of the country. Whether you want to brave Alaska’s wild, hike a lush Oregon forest, or lay on Florida’s white sand, there’s an assignment waiting for you.


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