Hiring Professional Exterminators for Mouse Removal

Mice may be cute, but they can also damage homes significantly. Rather than risk costly repairs, residents should consider hiring a professional exterminator for mice removal.

While the initial investment may be high, it is worth the cost for many reasons. Here are some of the top benefits: a Guaranteed Eradication of Mice.


The cost of hiring professional mouse exterminators depends on several factors. First, there is the initial inspection. During this time, your pest control specialist will search for gaps around windows and doors, look for signs of rodent droppings, and find nests. They will then provide you with an estimate based on these findings.

The type of building is also a factor. For example, mice infestations in a house are more expensive than those in an apartment or farmhouse. Mice breed so quickly that one small infestation can spread throughout the property.

Other costs include repairs from damage caused by mice and resealing of holes or entryways. These repairs can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. For example, mice can chew through wires, leading to costly electrical repairs. Moreover, mice can cause water damage by chewing through pipes. This will require repairing or replacing pipes, adding to the cost.


When pests invade a home, treating them takes a bit of time. The time to complete treatment depends on the size of the infestation and the location of nests and entry points.

A mild infestation of ants, mice, or bed bugs can usually be dealt with using over-the-counter treatments and traps purchased at a local store. However, hiring a professional to perform rat removal is important when over-the-counter methods have failed.

Signs of a serious infestation can include footprints on countertops, droppings in the pantry, or gnaw marks on food packaging. A professional can identify a home’s entry points and seal them off, making future infestations unlikely. Homeowners should also practice good prevention measures, such as sealing cracks in the house and storing garbage in a lidded can. This will help lower the need for costly treatments. The pest type, the infestation’s severity, and the repair cost all affect the extermination job’s overall price.


Although the mechanics of mouse extermination may seem straightforward, no infestation is the same as another. This means homeowners must budget for extra services that can make mouse extermination more expensive than initially anticipated.

These extra costs can include repairing, patching, and repainting walls that mice chew through, resealing holes, and replacing chewed-through wiring. The cost of these additional services can also vary depending on the extent and location of damage.

Residents can save on the cost of mouse extermination by hiring a professional to inspect and repair the property before starting treatment. These preventative measures will make the property less attractive to mice and other pests and may help reduce future infestations.

Many pest control companies offer preventative maintenance plans cheaper than addressing a pest problem. These recurring treatment plans can also be more effective than one-time services. These plans typically treat mild infestations and keep rodents out of the home throughout the year.


When mice get inside a house, they can cause significant damage that may cost thousands of dollars in repair costs. Chewed drywall, chewed electrical wires, and damaged HVAC systems are all potential expenses homeowners will incur. Exterminators can help residents save money on repairs by offering inspections and pointing out areas that need attention.

A home’s size also affects the overall price of a mouse extermination service. Larger homes have more potential entry points, and it can take longer to seal them all. In addition, larger homes often have more spaces where mice can nest and hide, requiring more traps to achieve full coverage.

It’s important to compare pricing and plans from several pest control companies before deciding. Talk to a representative from each company and ask them to provide an estimate for your specific rodent infestation. They may only give an exact quote once they inspect the property and develop a treatment plan, but they should be able to offer estimated pricing for their general pest control plans.


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