Gun History: A Straight-Shooting Timeline

Throughout the long history of mankind, we’ve been finding ways to improve the tools around us to improve our lives. While we often focus on the technological leaps of progress, we shouldn’t ignore the advancements made in the world of guns over time.

From the early caveman-style clubs to modern-day assault rifles, guns have evolved to become more efficient, more deadly, and more reliable.

Are you a gun history buff? Do you love to dive into the past to see how the modern-day came to be?

Then you might love a gun timeline. We’ve compiled one for the ages below. Take a look and find out how we got to where we are today.

Early Gun Inventions and Innovations

In the centuries that followed, gunpowder weapons kept developing and evolving. By the 11th century, early handguns, known as hand cannons, were used in battle.

In the 14th century, breech-loading, single-shot pistols, and muskets were regular weapons used in warfare. As gunpowder weapons improved, shotguns and long guns. It is known as muskets were developed for hunting and battle.

By the 19th century, rapid-firing and accurate repeating guns had become the norm in sports and warfare. By the 20th century, automatic weapons were used on the battlefield, and semi-automatic weapons were commonplace for hunting, target shooting, and recreational activities.

The 45 gap vs 45 acp debate has also been going on for quite some time in gun circles around the world. Both are effective cartridges. However, the 45 ACP is significantly more popular with law enforcement and military organizations due to its higher accuracy, superb range, and stopping power.

Rise of the Machine Gun

The rise of the machine gun has been a game-changer in how warfare has been conducted.

At the end of the 19th century, machine guns had been developed and saw their first major use in World War I. Using the machine gun allowed for an unprecedented amount of firepower to be focused on an enemy.

By World War II, machine guns had been developed further and had become an essential part of any military’s arsenal. Today, machine guns are still in use, many times with advances that have been made in the electronics and optics fields.

Milestones in Gun Control History

The first references to gun control laws in the United States are found in the era of early settlers who used laws to regulate gun ownership and regulate firearms as they came on the scene.

This activity created the National Firearms Act of 1934, a landmark piece of gun control legislation that was the first to require the registration and taxation of guns and ammunition. The Gun Control Act of 1968 strengthened federal controls on guns by banning mail-order sales and preventing felons from owning firearms.

Post-Columbus mass shooting, the 1990s saw even stricter gun laws, including:

  • the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
  • the Assault Weapons Ban

As regulations continue to evolve in response to tragedies, the history of gun control has certainly been an exciting one, with progress in the form of new laws and measures.

A Timeline of Major Milestones in Gun History

The history of firearms has evolved over the years, from ancient times to the present. Although we may disagree on the use of guns, understanding gun history is an important step in looking to the future of firearms.

Investigate the timeline further and make sure you stay informed and stay safe.

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