Frame Your Style: Discovering The Magic Of Scott Harris Frames

Did you know that if someone takes a look at your eyeglasses, they could describe you in one word or two? You can shape your personal style with your eyeglasses, whether medicated, for fashion, or for any other purpose.

Scott Harris has mastered the beauty of style and how it relates to eyewear, thereby providing many varieties of a beautiful selection of frames. Let’s quickly go through how those frames can help embrace your personality.

Identify Your Personal Style

It is important to know the style that best suits you when it comes to choosing the right frame. Choosing a perfect frame for your eyeglasses is not only about correcting an eye problem (which is equally as important), but it is also about style.

It takes a level of knowing to the perfect very high-quality eyeglasses by Scott Harris for that beach or office party, conference, or concert.

One crucial factor to consider is knowing your face shape. Different face shapes will determine the different frame styles to complement. You can also use a frame style finder to find which eyewear will be the best fit for your face shape. This uses algorithms to suggest which frame will best fit your personal preferences. Whether your frame will be used for a fashion statement or reading, you may need to consider eyewear that is either lightweight or will suit outdoor activities.

How To Determine Your Face Shape

As discussed above, determining your face shape is an important part of identifying your style. Here are ways you can find out what your face shape is:

1.  Measure your face length and width. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure your face from the top of your forehead to the lowest part of your chin. Next, measure your face width by measuring the widest part of your cheek. This is usually the cheeks. Put the measuring tape from one end of your cheek to the other end of the other cheek.

2.  Measure your forehead width. With the measuring tape, as described above, measure the widest part of your forehead.

3. Observe your jawline. if it seems a little round or curved, you most likely have an oval or round face shape. If it’s sharp or pointy, you probably have a square or a heart face shape.

A flat top of the forehead and a pointy jaw is most likely heart-shaped face. In this case, the face width is not exactly the same as the forehead width; it is a bit lesser. An oval-shaped face will likely have a face width a bit longer than the jaw width and the forehead width, with the face length reasonably longer. While, a round face will have a face width longer, a forehead width, and a jawline rounder, and all measurements close but not equal. 

What Your Frames Say About You


The color of your frame can reveal a couple of things about you. You can showcase the bold and confident side of you with a red frame. Alternatively, you may decide to go for that smart, enthusiastic side of you and embrace the nerdy part with a black one. The Scott Harris Frames offer a wide range of frames in many different colors, to compliment your uniqueness. You can express your personality however you want.


Depending on the shape of your face, and what personality you may want to convey, the shape of your frame could do the talking. A square-shaped frame will give off a serious-minded, cool, and ready-for-business look. If that is what you are going for, you may look up some square frames. However, if this isn’t what you want, do not fret, there are many other high-quality eyeglasses by Scott Harris in various shapes and types.

Different Types Of Materials Used For Scott Harris Frames

This type of material is flexible and very durable. Frames made from this material are stronger and can withstand more pressure than regular plastic frames. For frames that would be regularly used, it is advisable to go for one made of acetate. Scott Harris offers varieties of acetate frames.

If you would use your eyeglasses almost every time and you would prefer not to have the “heavy” weight on your face, you may want to consider a frame made of metal. Metal frames are lightweight and very strong. They can be used for every occasion and style, from chic to professional.

Plastic frames have more style options. For someone who cares more about style, probably more for fashion or occasional use, you could go for a plastic frame. Thick-rimmed plastic frames are also much more difficult to break. If you have a child that isn’t always careful with his/her eyeglasses, you should consider getting them a thick-rimmed plastic frame.

Final Thoughts

Finally, knowing your best personality and face shape is important when choosing the right glasses to suit your taste.

If you take the time to identify your personal style and use a frame style finder, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the perfect frame to complement your unique style and needs.


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