Exploring the Benefits of Hiring a Rideshare Accident Attorney

Rideshare services like Uber have become a popular choice for commuters. However, just like any other mode of transportation, accidents can occur.

You must identify the driver and company responsible for your injuries during a crash. A San Antonio Uber car accident attorney can help you do this and much more.

They Can Help You Deal With Insurance Companies

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are meant to make commuting and traveling more convenient, but they can also be dangerous. Drivers working for these companies can be distracted, drunk, tired, or reckless, and just like other drivers, they can cause accidents. Anyone who an Uber or Lyft driver injures should contact an experienced rideshare accident attorney San Antonio for help.

Insurance companies are notoriously reluctant to pay claims and may use various tactics to avoid paying full compensation. A San Antonio Uber accident lawyer could help you collect evidence such as witness information, scene photos, medical records, etc.

They can also file a claim against the driver and the company to get you the maximum compensation possible. They could even negotiate with the insurance company to settle your case without going to court. This could save you time and money. They could also ensure that your compensation covers all the losses you suffered from the accident, including medical bills, lost income, and other expenses.

They Can Help You Gather Evidence

Rideshare drivers can make mistakes just like any other driver. This may be because they need specific training, often rush between rides, or are distracted by smartphones. Regardless of the cause, their errors can lead to serious accidents and injuries for their passengers.

When an accident occurs, the first step is to seek medical attention. However, collecting evidence of the crash as soon as possible is also a good idea. Take pictures of all the cars and the accident scene. It is helpful to get the names and contact details of any witnesses.

Uber and Lyft offer insurance to their drivers. Still, these policies differ depending on whether the driver is in “Period 0” (actively waiting to accept a ride) or “Period 1” (from the time they get a ride until it ends). A knowledgeable lawyer can help you understand these differences and pursue compensation from the ideal source.

They Can Help You Negotiate

When an Uber driver causes a crash, their insurance company will usually be responsible for compensating accident victims. However, their compensation will be limited because they may only have coverage while en route to pick up passengers rather than when they are actively driving their vehicles.

A rideshare accident attorney can help you fight for the maximum compensation possible. You can identify the liable parties, including the driver at fault, their employer and any other companies who may be responsible for your injuries.

An Uber accident lawyer can also handle the details of your case so that you can concentrate on getting better. You can use them to prove negligence utilizing a preponderance of evidence. This is a method of proving that the defendant had a duty of caring (like not causing you an accident), violated this duty and caused you damages. You can also negotiate with the insurance company for the best possible deal.

They Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

While Uber and Lyft carry insurance to cover rideshare drivers, their insurance providers take time to hand over money after an accident. They will fight to protect their profits by disputing or undervaluing your losses. A lawyer with experience can handle your insurance claims negotiations and help you to achieve a fair outcome.

Some Uber and Lyft crashes result in serious or even fatal injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This includes non-economic damages, such as pain and discomfort, loss of enjoyment in life and mental distress.

You may be compensated by hiring a San Antonio Uber and Lyft accident attorney. These accidents differ from car accident claims because rideshare drivers work as independent contractors, not employees. You could seek the help of an attorney to file a claim for damages against the driver, company and other parties.


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