Elmiron Lawsuits Growing By Day

If you are one of the many sufferers of interstitial cystitis and have ever been prescribed Elmiron for treatment, then there is something you should know. The drug used to treat these bladder issues caused damage to the eyes. You may notice that your vision is increasingly impaired, or you may not have noticed any side effects at this point. However, you need to be aware that this could eventually happen.

Currently, a large number of people have joined an Elmiron eye damage lawsuit to help recoup damages from the medical issues that the drug has caused. If you are part of that growing demographic, or you know someone that is, it’s important for you to know how serious of an issue this might end up being for you or someone that you care about.

The Deal With Elmiron

Years ago, people dealing with cystitis and other related bladder pain found themselves in a losing struggle with a chronic condition. Eventually, a drug called Elmiron seemed to be the perfect solution to alleviate the problem. As interstitial cystitis doesn’t have a cure, a lot of people found relief from taking the drug. However, there was a darker side to that solution that took years to reveal itself.

As the number of Elmiron patients grew, a surprising development started taking place. People’s vision became impaired, often experiencing a phenomenon of seeing speckled flecks in the macula of the eye. Numerous eye specialists and physicians could not ignore a growing trend that these patients all had Elmiron prescriptions in common.

After research and reports further proved that Elmiron was at the root of macular degeneration and other serious issues affecting the macula and retina, Jannsenn Pharmaceuticals was eventually forced to apply warning labels to Elmiron packages. Unfortunately, it was far too late for many people that had already been taking the drug for an extended time.

Fallout for Elmiron Patients

While the reported symptoms of Elmiron’s side effects have been vision impairment, there are symptoms that a patient may experience. According to the Interstitial Cystitis Society, Elmiron users have also experienced hair loss and gastrointestinal issues. However, being that vision is a major sense that most people rely on, these side effects have not been as widely reported as vision impairment.

Generally, the standard dosage for Elmiron was taking a capsule of 100 mg about three times every day. As cases of related eye issues grew, eye doctors and other medical researchers realized that increased dosages from regular users of the drug also enhanced the potential for developing serious vision problems. However, widespread damage has already been done.

Get Legal Representation Now

If Elmiron was ever prescribed to you and part of your daily medication regimen, this is the time to seriously consider obtaining solid legal counsel. This drug has changed lives for the worst and that’s not what people sign up for in trying to treat their bladder issues.

Whether or not you have noticed any symptoms yet, it’s worth your while to check out your options. Contact an attorney as soon as you can.


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