DIY, How To Remodel Your House On Weekends

Sometimes the weekends can prove extremely lazy and boring; sometimes, the boredom kicks in and suddenly, you want to be slightly more creative. So after a jump of dopamine, you are left with the question of what to do. After all, where can you put in the energy you have filled in just a minute ago and now are so pumped to do something, not knowing what to do?

Don’t worry because we have got you covered with the most elegant of all ideas because on those boring weekends; you can re-do your house by remodeling it! Of course, this is not everyone’s cup of tea because this craft work is not very easy, but there is nothing to worry about as we will support you and guide you to your best capabilities. In this piece, we will explain how to renovate your home!

Bathroom renovation:

In all honesty, the renovation always starts with the bathroom, which is deemed the perfect place to start. When a basic house is being renovated, the bathroom is often left undone, which is why sometimes it might fall upon you yourself to take this into your hands.

So the question arises where to start? First and foremost, the task you are approaching is not exactly easy, and renovating bathrooms can be costly, so it is best to account first for what items you will need.

After that, you can rejuvenate things depending on preference and importance. Start by changing your accessories; you can look forward to painting the bathroom door if you wish to establish a new look.

After that, you can aim towards installing a new shower depending on your favourite and preferred design. Move on towards installing some wall art, and you must be set. If you have the required expertise to change your tiles, you can go ahead!

Using removable wallpaper:

Tired of staring at the same old dull-coloured walls around your room? Time to set yourself of that misery by taking a step forward! Truly the same old walls can get boring, and sometimes you need that revamp that brings colour to your life once again.

So now you have agreed that you want that bright change, but in all truth, painting can be too much, which is where removable wallpapers enter. The best part is that painting is very hard, might take 3 to 4 days to complete, and is permanent; however, with removable wallpaper, your life gets much easier.

You can decorate your walls with it, which adds an extra touch, or you could wallpaper the whole wall depending on your preference. The best part about removable wallpaper, in particular, is that it is affordable and easy to apply!

Change the flooring:

Considering all the aspects that make a house look, the most important is the flooring as it establishes the main output of the house. You can have the cleanest and well-painted walls, the best furniture and the most expensive decoration materials, but if your flooring is not neat, clean and unique, then it might pretty much all goes to waste.

On those boring weekends, you can attempt to change your boring flooring if you have the knack for it. First and foremost, you must select a specific flooring, such as vinyl carpet or wooden flooring. After that, you need to take the appropriate measurements for your room, noting the size of the material required.

Gather the necessary tools such as the hammer, saw, scissors, tape and lots and lots of glue! Last but not least, do not attempt changing your flooring solo, as having an extra hand or two is always important, seeing that it will make your work easier.

Paint away:

You can use wallpapers and wall art to decorate your walls instead of painting them fully, but the moment will come when you have the same old dirty doors and raw furniture that is losing its colors and paint. This is where the time arrives for you to pick up your paint brushes and go on a rolling paint spree.

Remember that painting is subjective, and everything requires color, so let your creativity flow when painting what you desire. Painting your whole house is more than enough work you cannot just accomplish in a single day, so that you can start with the front doors, cabinets and furniture.

Chalk paint is amazing for painting doors and furniture because you can apply it directly. Remember to always use bold colors for a collective standing and unique look!


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