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Courtney Palmer “First 48” Episode

Courtney Palmer is a 23-year-old young adult who suffered a terrible fate. He was brutally tortured and killed by two men named Gerald Keith Lowe Jr and Michaela Riddle. He was reported missing on November 10, 2016.

Sergeant Dave Walker stated Courtney Palmer witnessed the shooting at the Tamarack Apartments on November 8 when the PCP was high (mind-altering drugs cause hallucinations and distortion of personal reality). The police department considers that Courtney is now dead because there was a rumor going around that his body was fed to Muskogee County hogs, although they didn’t find his body.

“These guys are crazy about PCP and think it’s a good way to teach Courtney a lesson, but wow, that’s gone too far,” said TPD Sergeant Dave Walker.

Unfortunately, after all this has happened, homicide detectives will be basing their search on bodies that are declared dead, although this is what Walker says.

‘This is not an official homicide case until a body is found or formal charges are filed, nor is this the first time detectives have heard of bodies being fed to pigs.’

Courtney Palmer’s Discovery

The Palmer family was shocked by what had happened to him. Her mother said Courtney used to call her every day, but recently she had not heard from her son or anyone else who might know of his whereabouts. They hope Palmer is found soon because they love him so much despite his troubles.

The murder of Courtney Palmer, Tulsa, is one of the most discussed cases. It is said that on the night of the shooting, Courtney witnessed his friend Carl Harris being shot. Courtney immediately contacted a detective about the shooting, though she ended up being attacked that same night and missing.

The attack was extremely brutal. At the very least, several of his facial bones were broken, including some of his ribs. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office lists the reasons for violent homicide with various modalities. Courtney’s body was badly decomposed.

What Happened to Courtney Palmer?

They covered his head with a bag and strangled him in the hallway. Before this was done, they had already poured boiling hot water over Palmer’s head. Then they continuously stepped on and kicked him until he couldn’t breathe. After being severely beaten, Palmer was found lying in a bathtub full of ice. There was blood dripping from his face as if all this madness wasn’t enough. He was still beaten with a stick in the bathtub and was bleeding profusely, which proved that he had to go through all this torture alive.

On December 15, the TPD received anonymous information that Gerald Lowe, the suspect in the case, was spotted in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Tulsa. Tulsa Police immediately took action and went to the scene (northwest corner of 74th street) only to find a badly scorched body in a shallowly dug cemetery. At an autopsy, it was confirmed that this was Courtney Palmer’s body.

The most shockingly inhuman part of the case is yet to come to light. All these incidents have witnesses, not one but two. People who don’t think to report a crime or take sides and act as a complement to the crime. Jeanetta Thomas and Charletha Mack were also present at the house, the scene. Courtney’s cries for release from the torment were ignored. As a result, she was subjected to severe torture for several hours until the testimony was revealed.

The police ran DNA tests on the evidence found. The items were socks and a vacuum erector found in a bedroom in a house near the burial site. That helped establish Lowe and Riddle at the crime scene, said Detective Jason White.

Courtney Palmer’s Innocent

They charged him with trapping someone named “Duke,” which he repeatedly disproved. It was later discovered that the Duke was Harris. Carl Harris, the man who was shot!

Harris spent six weeks in hospital with his gunshot injury. He attested before the judge that Palmer did not try to shoot him.

Weeping Codefendants testify against Lowe and Riddle as they retell the horrific crime. Mack even said that Courtney was like a niece to him, as he had children with his niece. He showed deep remorse and wanted justice. His interest in knowing the repercussions elicited a simple response from Lowe and Riddle of ”no need to worry about that.”

Harris was charged with abducting Lowe. Riddle has also been charged with defamation and connection with Hoover Crisp.

They were all sentenced to prison except for Mack, who was only an accessory in the murder. Gerald Lowe was sentenced to life in addition to 20 years for kidnapping, seven years for desecration of a human corpse, and five years for gang-related offenses, a judge with the possibility of parole.

Further details on Palmer’s story are in several episodes of “The First 48” series. Watch the full story in episodes S19, E19, E28, and E29. It’s called the unspeakable and was made into a two-part series.


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