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Choosing the Right Breast Forms

For women who have undergone a mastectomy, or anyone seeking to alter the appearance of their chest, the importance of breast forms shop in Florida has individualized significance. Florida is one of the last places that people want to hide beneath heavy layers of clothing when the weather is warm. That presents a unique challenge for anyone wanting to dress seasonably while looking their best.

The market for breast forms consists of diverse consumers because it’s different for everyone. Some are preparing for reconstructive surgery and are “auditioning” which forms will suit them best. Others may be fine going “flat”, but want the option to add breast forms when they see fit. Others might be undecided and want to have breast forms on hand, just in case.

Types of Breast Forms

There are various types of breast forms to explore. These include:

  • Custom Forms
  • Leisure Forms
  • Silicone Forms

Custom Forms

Breast forms that are customized to fit a person’s specific physique and skin tone are very popular choices. For many, this type of breast form is considered to be the most comfortable because it is made to fit the particular individual. Custom-made forms are typically constructed from silicone. The exterior surface is meant to adhere closer to the body and sit firmly within a mastectomy or standard bra.

Leisure Forms

While leisure breast forms are typically not made from silicone, they do afford the wearer some benefits. Leisure forms tend to be made of breathable, fabric material that can be regularly washed. Often lighter in weight than silicone-based forms, a leisure prosthesis is popular among those who are athletic, particularly in active sports that include swimming and running. Wearers can opt for weighted leisure breast forms if they want, which sometimes replicate a more realistic look and feel.

Silicone Forms

Silicone breast forms (including customized silicone forms) are considered to be the closest replicas of natural breasts. Many come with an adhesive layer that helps the form attach to the body, ensuring sturdier placement within the bra and to the chest area. While some consider silicone forms to be less breathable, newer forms are actually very breathable and refreshingly light. Silicone breast forms tend to be best suited for those with completely healed chest regions to prevent irritation and other health issues.

Whichever prosthesis a person chooses really comes down to their own needs and wants. What is right for one person may not be right for the next. However, one thing is for sure. Whoever wants or needs a breast form will find the type that is perfect for them.


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