Cannabis Found Helpful in Treating Numerous Health Issues

Cannabis Found Helpful in Treating Numerous Health Issues

More and more states are legalizing cannabis. Part of this big shift is thought to be the benefit that many people get from ingesting this plant compound. According to the National Library of Medicine, numerous studies support marijuana and cannabinoids as viable and safe substances when used under a physician’s care.

Benefits of Cannabis:

The National Academies Press report highlights several benefits of using cannabis for specific medical conditions.

Here’s an overview of some of them:

  • Cannabis can help the more than 25 million adults currently suffering from chronic pain. Cannabinoids found in cannabis act on the brain receptors to relieve pain.
  • Using cannabis can help individuals struggling with alcohol or opioid addiction.
  • With post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety, cannabis is often used to help treat these forms of mental illness. While not used for all mental health issues, there is evidence that cannabis can also be helpful for those suffering from social anxiety issues.
  • One of the first instances of using cannabis as a health treatment was for individuals suffering from cancer and being treated with chemo. As many know, chemotherapy can cause nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. The cannabinoids found in marijuana can often help relieve the symptoms of chemotherapy. It is important to note that cannabis cannot prevent, control, or cure any form of cancer.
  • Multiple sclerosis sufferers have found modest results in using cannabis to reduce some symptoms of spasticity.
  • Cannabis also helps those suffering from epilepsy, especially those with Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes.
  • A recent study found that the use of CBD, found in cannabinoids, can help reduce the number of seizures that occur. Children who received CBD found a 39% reduction in seizures.

Availability of Cannabis:

Today, residents in numerous states are fortunate as they no longer need a doctor’s recommendation to explore relief from various health issues, thanks to the legalization of cannabis. Many states have started out allowing those with medical marijuana cards to purchase cannabis, and most of those states have now legalized marijuana for recreational use.

In states that have legalized cannabis, there are usually numerous dispensaries that not only provide cannabis flowers but many other products that are high in cannabinoids and CBD. Most dispensary workers are skilled enough to answer simple questions like what the right blends are to get the result they are looking for.

Mountain Annie’s Cannabis Dispensary and many others located in Colorado are very educated and will make suggestions for customers to make sure they are choosing indica, sativa, or hybrid blends that will help relieve them of their medical or mental health-related symptoms.

Perhaps it is time you got the help you need today.


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