Can the Future be Zero-Carbon with Opus Energy?

Opus Energy is a specialist business energy provider offering gas and electricity services. The company was acquired by Drax Group PLC in 2016, a renewable energy company with the UK’s largest renewable power station in North Yorkshire.

Opus Energy is dedicated to achieving a sustainable future by working towards a zero-carbon, energy-efficient future. They are the leading independent provider of renewable energy to businesses in the UK and work to help companies lessen their environmental impact.

With the Drax Group owning the UK’s largest renewable generator, will Opus Energy’s vision of achieving net zero be accomplished? How Green is Opus Energy?

By providing its commercial customers with energy that is entirely clean and renewable, Opus Energy is committed to halting climate change. Due to its dedication, customers hold the supplier in high regard—even more so than bigger rivals.

Considered an energy supplier for a zero-carbon future, Opus Energy uses solar energy, wind energy, thermal or green gas energy, and hydropower as its main energy sources. Solar panels, a few hydroelectric generators, small and large-scale wind turbines, and solar energy are Opus’s primary electricity sources.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, so Opus Energy does not provide it. Instead, they advise selecting biomethane or biogas if you want an environmentally friendly option. These gases are diluted and blended to make natural gas more sustainable.

Additionally, neither radioactive waste nor CO2 emissions are produced during the energy supply procurement process at Opus Energy. This is a noteworthy accomplishment because UK energy suppliers typically generate 208g of CO2 per kWh of energy while producing 0.0013g of radioactive waste per kWh. Opus Energy does receive top marks for being green.

What is Opus Advance?

By using Opus Advance, your business will automatically purchase electricity from renewable sources, assisting the UK in meeting its goal of net-zero carbon emissions. Opus Energy offers three main tariffs if you are a business owner looking for a supplier to accommodate your unique size and needs. Opus Energy currently offers three tariffs under Opus Advance:

  1. Opus Advance
  2. Opus Advance Plus
  3. A customised tariff for larger corporate organisations

1. Opus Advance

Opus Energy allows businesses to get renewable electricity from UK and European generators when selecting the Opus Advance tariff. Independent sustainability consultant EcoAct audits this process. With this tariff, micro and small businesses can expect fixed-term electricity and gas rates for one to four years. With this choice, the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) you pay stays unchanging for your contract.

2. Opus Advance Plus

Opus Advance Plus is an option for larger businesses with high electricity consumption, for example, a factory or restaurant. This tariff ensures that only an independent network of more than 2,100 British wind, solar, and hydroelectric generators will be used to supply your business with electricity. Similar to Opus Advance, EcoAct has audited and certified the Plus tariff.

3. Customised Tariffs

Large corporate enterprises will get a dedicated account manager, customised reporting, and product flexibility to fit your business. You can access Opus Energy’s fixed-rate gas prices as a large corporation. Unlike smaller businesses, larger corporate enterprises can select between fixed and flexible electricity rates.

Which Services Are Offered By Opus Energy?

Along with offering commercial gas and electricity services, Opus Energy offers additional services.

Smart Meters

Businesses can cut costs and eliminate estimated billing using Opus Energy smart meters. These smart meters help consumers keep track of their energy use and prepare for the UK’s transition to a “smart grid” by 2030 by enabling them to monitor their energy consumption in real-time.

Additionally, these meters automatically send readings to the supplier, saving customers the hassle of doing it themselves over the phone or online and guaranteeing that their bills are accurate.

Purchase Power Agreements

Power generators can dispense the energy produced to consumers or traders through a contract known as a power purchase agreement or PPA. Energy producers using wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, and hydropower have access to various PPA options from Opus Energy, including fixed, flexible, and customised agreements.

In order to meet the various needs of various energy generators, Opus Energy offers three types of Power Purchase Agreements. The Fixed PPA offers a fixed rate and is appropriate for smaller-scale generators and Renewable Obligation (RO) sites with contracts that last one to three years.

Larger generators and RO sites with stable output, like high voltage and non-intermittent generators, are the target market for the Flexible PPA, which provides 1-3 year contracts at a market rate. Lastly, the Bespoke PPA has a customised agreement and purchase terms intended for sites connected to High Voltage.

Final Thoughts

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading independent business energy suppliers, Opus Energy is on track to being a part of the solution to achieving a zero-carbon future. Switching to Opus Energy is quick and easy. Use a comparison website or an energy broker who can help you decide which tariff is best suited for your business.


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