Big Life Changes? How to Prepare Yourself and Home

Whether you’re getting divorced, adopting a child, or moving to a new city, there are a lot of big life changes that can upend your normal routine. One thing that doesn’t have to be stressful, though, is preparing your home for these changes. With a little bit of planning and elbow grease, you can get your home in tip-top shape so that it’s ready for whatever comes your way.

The same can be said for you as well. You don’t want to navigate big life changes alone, so be sure you cultivate a support network that includes a trusted family law attorney and loved ones. Good or bad, changes to the family dynamic can have lasting effects on you mentally and emotionally. Having a safe and comfortable place to land each day can make a big difference.

Your Home is Your Haven

Sometimes you need your home to serve as a refuge from what’s going on in your life, whether personally or professionally. Or if you’re planning to move and rent or sell your home, you want it to come across as a potential haven for the next occupant.

So, what are some of the must-do improvements you should make to your home to make it your safe place, or get it ready to be someone else’s?

Exterior Improvements to Make to Your Home

No matter what kind of change is coming your way, it’s always a good idea to start with the exterior of your home. After all, first impressions matter! If you’re trying to sell your home, potential buyers will be turned off by an unkempt yard or peeling paint. And if you’re simply trying to increase the rental value of your property, well-maintained landscaping and curb appeal can go a long way.

Some easy exterior improvements you can make include power washing the outside of your home, painting the trim, and planting some flowers or shrubs. Having new siding installed by experts such as Burbach Companies can go a long way toward making your home look and feel the like haven you want it to be. As exterior home renovation professionals for decades, Burbach also recommends the following when it comes to exterior improvements:

  • Fix cracked concrete
  • Repair soffit and fascia
  • Clean or replace gutters and downspouts

Seeing these improvements when you first pull up to your home can make it a more inviting space, whether you realize it or not. 

Exterior Improvements That Pay Off

The aforementioned improvements can go a long way toward making your home more aesthetically pleasing, and they’re also worth the financial investment. But what are the big-ticket changes you can make if you plan to sell or rent your home and want top-dollar?

  • New exterior doors and windows
  • New roof

When it comes time to sell or rent your home, some of these changes can help you pad your wallet and feel financially secure as you head off on your next adventure. 

Interior Improvements to Make to Your Home

Once you’ve taken care of the exterior of your home, it’s time to move indoors and tackle some interior projects. If you’re trying to sell your home, small updates like fresh paint and new hardware can go a long way toward making it more appealing to buyers. Other ways to increase the overall value of your property may include more substantial interior upgrades or renovations.

Interior Improvements That Pay Off

Some work on the inside of your home is almost guaranteed to offer a big return on your investment.

  • Kitchen remodel
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Paint
  • Refinish or replace flooring
  • New hardware (doors, cabinets)

Rhino Property Management also suggests some of the following tips for making your home stand out in the rental market:

  • Faster Internet speed (included in rent)
  • Energy efficient extras (appliances, light bulbs, windows, doors)
  • Furnish It

Of course, even if you’re not planning on selling or renting out your home anytime soon, it’s still important to keep up with basic maintenance like changing the furnace filter and cleaning the gutters (if you have them). By staying on top of things now, you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

Not to mention, putting love and effort into your home’s interior makes it an inviting space for you and your loved ones to regroup after a long day.

Easy Projects to Reset Your Home and Self

Maybe you don’t need to bring out the tools or paint brushes to reset your home’s interior or yourself. Sometimes a few simple tasks can bring new life to your space and improve your mood.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Instead of feeling overwhelmed every day about the spaces you need to clean, set a schedule that breaks the jobs down into manageable elements. Make Monday laundry day, or Tuesday the day you deep-clean all the bathrooms. Maybe one day each week you set aside for vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. Simpler still, set a timer every day and practice only worrying about cleaning until it goes off. Keeping up with small cleaning chores every day can help you avoid spending your weekends doing nothing but scrubbing and scouring your home.


Have you heard the rule that for every item you bring into your home, you should purge one? This isn’t practical for everyone, but it’s worth considering so your home is decluttered and inviting. Visual clutter causes increased feelings of stress, so you can reset yourself by eliminating excess in your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

If even just a visual representation of nature can boost your mood, think about the positive effects of having live plants or pets in your home. Indoor plant soil has been proven to have mycobacterium, which is a helpful bacteria that triggers the release of serotonin in our brains. That mood-boosting hormone can help you feel happier in your home, and the plants can also help purify the air inside.

Preparing your home for a big life change doesn’t have to be difficult—or expensive. Just like with the changes you’re facing, home improvement projects need to be taken one step at a time.


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