Beyond Ordinary Materials: 4 Diverse Applications of Inconel in Manufacturing

Did you know that in 2021, superalloys have a $6.8 billion market value?

Inconel is an alloy of several metals used in the aerospace and energy sectors. It is about two-thirds nickel, and the other third is made of chrome, iron, and several different materials.

Inconel is resistant to high temperatures and specific acids. As such, the material is used in several diverse applications.

Below we explore four of the diverse applications of Inconel. Read on to learn more.

1. Gas Extraction

Inconel is often utilized in gas extraction. The Inconel properties can resist corrosion from various liquids and gases.

It also exhibits a strong ability to resist high temperatures. It is incredibly cost-effective compared to other materials.

It is often used to create furnace walls, gas, and steam turbines. It is also used for cryogenic equipment and gas extraction pipelines.

It also prevents ocean water from infiltrating and corrupting offshore platforms. It provides a safe way to hold and transport molten metal.

The Inconel alloy makes up the structure of compression components. These are essential in down-hole units for extracting gas from deep layers of the earth. Inconel is ideal for harsh or intense environments, making it perfect for gas extraction, so be sure to click here for exotic metals if you need this type of material.

2. Chemical Processing

Inconel is an essential material for chemical processing. It is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes it resistant to oxidation and carburization.

It has superior strength making it suitable for usage in valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and reaction vessels. Inconel is also great for the production of other acidic compounds.

The material has a high-temperature strength, making it resistant to rapid heat transfer, internally and externally. This gives it an advantage over other metals used in chemical processing, which may crack or warp.

Inconel allows for more constraints and maintenance of product performance during the chemical process change. Inconel does not readily react with other metals and alloys. This makes it easy to machine and ideal for chemical processing applications.

3. Metal Forming and Joining

Inconel is an alloy used in metalworking. It is one of the most commonly used metals in the manufacturing industry. Its capability to withstand high temperatures has made it a go-to solution for processes requiring extreme temperatures, such as arc welding.

It can also be used in metal forming processes and joining, such as stamping and cold bending. Inconel is also favored by industries that require precision metalworking, such as aircraft, aerospace, and automotive. It is easy to form and join and performs exceptionally well in these applications.

Inconel is a versatile material used for various metalworking applications, making it an excellent choice for diverse manufacturing needs.

4. Marine Applications

Inconel can be used for boat propellers, fasteners, and exhaust systems. Its sound quality can also be helpful for corrosion-resistant linings inside hulls and tankers, or it can be used for the superheater tubing within offshore power plants.

Additionally, Inconel’s unique ability to resist pitting and creep makes it ideal for seawater pumps, subsea systems, and marine diver propulsion vehicles. Its rich metallic texture makes it attractive for interior and exterior hardware components like latches, shelves, or rails. 

Diverse Inconel Applications You Should Know About

Inconel is an incredible alloy that has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing. Its resistance to corrosion and heat makes it ideal for various applications. Explore more ways that your business can benefit from Inconel and maximize its potential by consulting experts in the field. 

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