Benefits of Using Oak Firewood

One of the most popular types of wood is oak. Not only is it ideal for stoves and fireplaces, but oak firewood is also a great choice for grilling, smoking, and baking bread in wood-fired ovens. Some chefs actually request oak firewood for their cooking projects. So, if you’re wondering about the benefits of using oak, read on. 

Easy to Split

The easiest way to split oak is to place it on the ground and freeze it. Red oak is easy to split, while white oak tends to have more knots. Oakwood that has a straight grain is easier to split. Oaks still green is difficult to split, but oak that has already been seasoned is easy to split. While splitting oak, you should place it on a stump or the tree’s base. The ground absorbs the energy, making splitting easier.

If you’re considering switching to different firewood, consider a different kind. Black locust, for instance, has the highest burning rate among hardwoods. Ash is also an aesthetically pleasing wood for the fire. Its light color and straight grain make it easy to clean and keep in your fireplace between burns. A lesser-known hardwood is a black locust. It’s easy to split and has the highest heat output of all popular hardwoods.

Easy to Season

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered how to season oak firewood. You’re not the only one who wants your wood to be as good as possible. It can be tricky to prepare the wood properly, but following a few simple steps can make the process much easier. During the process, make sure you store the wood in a cool, elevated place with ample sun and airflow. It will also keep the wood from rotting, molding, and fungus.

First, cut the wood into 6″ pieces and keep them about 18″ long. The smaller the pieces, the easier it will be to split and season. Also, when working with a large quantity of wood, you can split a log in half or thirds. Splitting your wood into thirds or fourths allows it to dry much faster. It also makes the pieces a lot easier to stack and store.

Easy to Burn

There are many reasons to use oak firewood for your home heating needs. Not only is it easy to burn, but it has a distinct smell and long burn. This type of wood can be found throughout the United States and can produce between 24.0 and 25 million BTUs per cord. BTUs are a measurement of energy in the form of heat and correspond to the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. A cord is one hundred and twenty-eight cubic feet and contains approximately 24.0 million BTUs. Therefore, stacking one cord of firewood eight feet long and four feet high will yield around one cord of firewood.

Choosing easy-to-burn oak firewood can be tricky. First, oak takes a long time to dry. If you want to burn oak in your home, split the tree into several pieces. After splitting the tree, you need to wait at least two years for it to reach the proper moisture content. After that, it is time to season the wood.

Less Smoke

If you’ve been around a campfire lately, you’ve probably noticed that it has less smoke than firewood from other species. Unfortunately, while many enjoy a campfire, they cough every time there’s a billowing cloud of smoke. Not only is the air inhaling that smoke a hassle, but the quality of the fire depends on the type of wood you use. Keep a few simple tips in mind before purchasing and burning oak firewood to create a clean, less smokey fire.

Unlike other types of wood, oak produces the least smoke. In comparison, pine and hard maple are the biggest producers of smoke, while ash and sycamore have moderate smoke production. However, any wood will produce smoke if it is burned wet, and that can lead to creosote buildup. To avoid this problem, choose firewood from different types of trees. This way, you can rotate between hardwoods and softer woods for each season.


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