Ducted Air Conditioning

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning for Your Business

Finding the perfect air conditioner for your business premises can be challenging. However, if you need to regulate the temperature in multiple offices, ducted air conditioning might be the ideal solution. Ensuring your employees are comfortable while working can lead to increased productivity and reduced stress.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioners consist of an outdoor unit which is connected by refrigerant pipework to an indoor unit positioned in the ceiling cavity. This arrangement ensures that the aesthetics of the workspace are not disturbed. Running off the indoor unit are a series of ducts located in the ceiling cavity and connecting all areas of the workspace.

In each area, there will be air supply grilles which ensure proper air circulation. A control device that often also acts as a thermostat is usually placed in a central area to operate and control the function of the aircon. So, what are the advantages of installing ducted air conditioners?

Increased productivity

Regardless of the weather conditions outside the workplace, ducted air conditioning maintains an optimum temperature throughout the interior. This will leave employees feeling comfortable, and therefore they will be more productive. If you really want to create a great work environment, then you need to install ducted air conditioning to encourage staff to be happy and productive.

Energy-efficiency and thermal insulation.

Ducted air conditioning offers great thermal insulation which lowers the energy consumption of your entire ventilation system. In addition, the aluminium side panels of the units ensure excellent waterproofing and vapour blocking performance. In these ways, ducted air conditioners can reduce your energy consumption. They are often also the most aesthetically pleasing option you can find in the market.

Uniform temperature

With ductwork correctly designed and installed, you can guarantee uniform air conditioning and temperature control across your workspace. This is because a centralized system allows for better air distribution through various outlets. In this way, ducted air conditioning optimises performance compared to a single air outlet which requires higher power or lower temperature to regulate the areas that are further away from the units.


Ducted air conditioning systems incorporate a zoning feature which allows you to manage every room independently through the controller. You can even close off the circulation of hot or cold air by zone if you want to. The degree of control depends on the zoning system installed. This ensures that the power is focused only on those rooms where staff need the aircon and consequently expenses can be regulated. 


The air conditioning ductwork is relatively light, and it requires only a few anchor points for correct installation. This makes everything very stable and secure even in a ceiling cavity. Ducted air conditioning systems also offer excellent fire resistance, even in a commercial setting where fire ratings are higher than in homes.

Suitable for all seasons

Unlike other systems, ducted air conditioners can help to regulate indoor environments in both winter and summer. Reverse cycle air conditioning is standard for these systems which makes it easy to set the perfect temperature.


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