how to become a shein brand ambassador

How to Become a Shein Brand Ambassador?

Shein, a popular women’s clothing brand, provides affordable fashion options inspired by higher-end. One of the standout features of Shein is its affiliate program, which presents a valuable opportunity for individuals with a substantial social media following to earn money.

A Shein brand ambassador is an influential person representing the brand’s core values and principles. They are crucial in promoting and communicating the brand’s essence to consumers and other significant stakeholders. Additionally, ambassadors serve as a valuable source of feedback, relaying consumer preferences and requirements back to the Shein brand.

The Shein Ambassador program is a unique initiative designed to reward long-term customers by allowing them to become brand ambassadors. By participating in this program, ambassadors can access exclusive perks, including early access to sales and new products and a personal discount code.

In this guide, I will outline the steps and requirements for becoming a brand ambassador for SHEIN. By following these guidelines, you can unlock the exciting possibilities of joining the esteemed ranks of Shein ambassadors.

What is SHEIN?

SHEIN, a well-known and highly popular brand in the women’s clothing industry, stands out for its commitment to offering top-notch, high-quality, and affordable apparel. With a focus on providing fast fashion items from China, SHEIN operates as an eCommerce platform that caters to women’s fashion needs while ensuring competitive prices.

The brand boasts an extensive range of clothing options, encompassing an array of stylish dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories, all available at remarkably reasonable prices. SHEEN caters to customers ‘ diverse preferences with its wide range of sizes and colors.

Becoming a SHEIN brand ambassador entails an exciting opportunity to promote the brand and attract new customers actively. As ambassadors, SHEIN provides women with the ultimate fashion solution.

Who Is a Shein Ambassador?

A Shein ambassador refers to a person who serves as the face of the Shein brand. Their role involves representing Shein and showcasing its products and services. Brand ambassadors can either be employees of the company or externally affiliated.

The primary responsibility of the ambassador is to develop and implement effective marketing and promotional initiatives. They are crucial in cultivating favorable connections with customers and other stakeholders.

A brand ambassador contributes significantly to the company’s success by raising brand recognition and driving sales.

What is the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

The SHEIN Affiliate Program allows individuals to participate in an affiliate marketing initiative where they can earn rewards by referring customers to the SHEIN website. In addition to joining the program as a SHEIN ambassador, participants become SHEIN influencers.

The program is well-suited for social media influencers with a vibrant and engaged fan base. These influencers consistently publish content related to lifestyle and fashion.

SHEIN provides affiliates with a commission for every sale generated through their referral links when they become affiliates. These links can be incorporated into social media posts, directing users to the SHEIN website.

The site can associate visitors with your account by including a unique ID in the link. Furthermore, you can earn bonuses by recruiting new affiliates to the Shein website. You are free to make as many referrals as you wish, with commissions being paid on a monthly basis.

The purpose of a brand ambassador is to represent and endorse a specific brand or product. Brand ambassadors must raise awareness, build trust, and establish positive relationships with their target audiences.

How Does the SHEIN Affiliate Program Work?

Being an influencer and shopping enthusiast will be a pleasure with the SHEIN Affiliate Program. By joining as an affiliate or ambassador for SHEIN, you can promote their stylish clothing and accessories through engaging social media posts on various platforms.

When visitors to your website or followers on social media click on your unique affiliate ID link and make a purchase, you will earn affiliate commissions.

To ensure proper tracking, each link you share contains an attached ID that identifies the source of the visitor as your website. Before diving into the affiliate program, register on their website.

Following that link, you’ll be taken to the United States registration page. This step is necessary to become a SHEIN ambassador and advertise their products. 

During sign-up, you must provide SHEIN with details regarding your preferred methods of promoting their products, along with data regarding your social media following.

In the SHEIN affiliate program, participants are referred to as SHEIN ambassadors. To understand the expectations and responsibilities of being a brand ambassador for SHEIN, you can refer to my comprehensive guide on achieving success as a brand ambassador.

Moreover, you can enroll in the affiliate program via various affiliate networks, such as ShareASale, pepperjam, admitad, awin, or cj. Effective organic affiliate marketing techniques can make you eligible for the prestigious SHEIN ambassador program.

What are the steps for applying for the SHEIN Ambassador Program?

shein ambassador

SHEIN brand ambassadors must fulfill the SHEIN influencer criteria and complete the online application. You can start by following these steps:

Establish a social media account

Create a social media account through which you can promote SHEIN’s products. Provide relevant details like your age, address, and hobbies to help SHEIN understand you more.

Familiarize yourself with SHEIN’s brand and products

Before becoming a SHEIN ambassador, you must familiarize yourself with the company’s brand and its range of products. Explore the SHEIN website and see what clothing styles and types they specialize in.

Complete your profile

Submit your profile online with social media links, photos, and a brief biography. Remember that SHEIN ambassadors are chosen for their social media presence, so ensure your profile highlights your engagement and influence.

Await a response

After submitting your application, patiently wait for a response from SHEIN. You will receive a reply when you meet their criteria, and you can negotiate a partnership with them.

Once approved, you can promote SHEIN via social media and your website, taking advantage of all the SHEIN benefits.

How do I Become Brand Ambassador for SHEIN?

To become a SHEIN ambassador, you must meet specific requirements. Firstly, having an active presence on social media platforms or maintaining a blog to promote SHEIN products effectively is essential. 

Additionally, as determined by SHEIN’s ambassador program, you need to reach a minimum number of followers or achieve a particular number of page impressions on your blog.

  • In order to participate in this program, you must fill out a form between the 1st and the 20th of each month. 
  • This application allows SHEIN to gain insights into your online persona and understand your plan for promoting its products. 
  • Following your submission, SHEIN will evaluate your online presence to ensure it aligns with its brand and marketing objectives. 
  • If your presence meets their criteria, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the next steps you need to take.
  • Once accepted, you can begin promoting SHEIN products and enjoy the perks offered by the company. 
  • Many members with a strong social media presence have successfully developed their own personal brands and attained celebrity status through this program. 
  • Others, known as nano influencers, specialize in promoting specific SHEIN products or focus on a particular niche within the SHEIN product range.

How Does SHEIN Support its Affiliate?

SHEIN offers a range of promotional support to its affiliates, including those known as SHEIN ambassadors or influencers. Various lucrative activities are provided for their affiliates, such as banners and coupons.

The conversion rate on this platform is notably high, thanks to their attractive combination of free shipping and affordable prices for trendy designs. 

shein affiliate program

Moreover, SHEIN informs its influencers about promotions through the SHEIN ambassador email. Also, SHEIN actively promotes its offerings to customers via app notifications and social media.

Avoiding Mistakes As An Affiliate Brand Ambassador

  • Avoid sharing negative feedback about the company.
  • Brand ambassadors must refrain from negative comments or opinions about the company online.
  • Avoid sharing inappropriate content.
  • Brand ambassadors should exercise caution and refrain from posting any content online that may be deemed inappropriate. This encompasses materials that are racially or sexually offensive, as well as content that does not align with the company’s desired image.
  • Refrain from posting fabricated reviews.
  • Brand ambassadors must never engage in posting falsified reviews about the company.
  • Promote the company.
  • Market and endorse the company’s products actively.

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How Much Do Shein Ambassadors Get Paid?

Ambassadors participating in the Shein affiliate program receive compensation based on their level of engagement. Boosting ambassadors’ affiliate marketing strategies is the most efficient way to maximize their earnings.

Through the Shein affiliate program, ambassadors are assigned a personalized discount code and a unique referral link to distribute. Moreover, ambassadors earn a commission for every sale generated through their code or link.

In addition to monetary rewards, partnering with the Shein brand as an ambassador offers numerous exclusive and remarkable benefits. Let’s delve into some of these advantages below!

What Are the Benefits of Being a Shein Ambassador?

If you join the Shein family, you’ll earn a commission and enjoy many great benefits.

Shein rewards its creators for their efforts through its ambassador program. Both parties should benefit from the program. There are a variety of rewards up for grabs, including free clothes, cash, and more!

If you become a Shein ambassador, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Ambassadors have access to exclusive events
  • Ambassadors only receive exclusive rewards
  • Getting free clothes for posting on social media
  • Using Shein’s exclusive app
  • Giveaways with special offers
  • The mentorship program
  • Opportunities for internships


Have you considered working for Shein? I hope now you know how to become a Shein brand ambassador. If you wish to be accepted to the program, you only need a few followers on social media. It’s all about passion, motivation, and love for Shein clothes!

If you want to become a Shein influencer, check out their website to apply!


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