Keratin Lash Infusion

Amazing Benefits of Keratin Lash Infusion You Need to Know

Keratin lash infusion is a patented lash lift that infuses real Keratin into each lash. It is a great alternative to a traditional perm, and it’s a safer way to grow your eyelashes longer and fuller without the damage.

Be sure to arrive at your appointment with no eye makeup and skip the lash curler to extend the life of your lift. Also, avoid oil-based products, and refrain from getting your lashes wet for 48 hours post-treatment.

No Damage

Keratin is a protein that helps strengthen your natural lashes and gives them a semi-permanent curl. This is why a keratin lash lift is a great alternative to extensions and false eyelashes.

Unlike traditional lash perms that can cause damage to your lashes, patented keratin lash infusion is gentle and safe for the eyes. 

A keratin lash lift also prevents the appearance of noticeable gaps between your lashes. This means you won’t have to schedule regular lash fill appointments or worry about getting a bad “fill job.” It can last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the natural life cycle of your lashes.


Unlike many lash extensions or false eyelashes, our keratin lash lifts leave your natural lashes healthy and long-term. You can shower, swim, and exercise without fear of damaging your lashes because they’ll be strong enough to handle it. The treatment also strengthens your lashes to grow longer and fuller between treatments.

The treatment also provides a semi-permanent boost in your lash volume for weeks. It’s the perfect alternative to wearing false lashes or getting regular eyelash extensions.


Our patented process infuses real Keratin into each lash, strengthening them and leaving them looking fuller and longer. It’s completely free of thioglycolate acid (used in traditional perms), and it closes & seals your eyelashes, so they won’t lose shape over time as a conventional lift does.

It’s also vegan, so vegetarians and vegans can have a lash perm without worries! This treatment lasts 6-8 weeks, so you’ll save money in the long run, and you can avoid having to schedule regular appointments like eyelash extensions.

This is not your ordinary lash perm! It’s a conditioning treatment that happens to lift your lashes. It’s gentle on your lashes, so you can swim, shower, and get them wet without worrying. It looks more natural than a regular lift, and it will not damage your lashes at all.


Gorgeous, long eyelashes aren’t just a trend but necessary for beauty. Several medispas offer a safe and effective treatment to increase your lash volume while keeping them healthy. The patented keratin formula lifts each lash while strengthening and increasing its length so it looks fuller without needing extensions or mascara.

The results will last up to ten weeks, so you won’t have to schedule appointments or apply mascara regularly. To maintain your new look, a follow-up treatment every two to four weeks will help them stay lifted and healthy.

Just be sure to avoid mascara and curlers for the days leading up to your appointment, and refrain from using oil-based products like makeup removers, cleansing oils, and moisturizers to prolong your lash lift.

No Pain

Keratin lash infusions are a safe and effective way to improve the look of your natural eyelashes without causing any damage. This patented process infuses your lashes with real Keratin and does not use harsh perm salts or chemicals like thioglycolate acid.

It will close and seal your lash, which prevents frizziness or odd-shaped lashes. It also increases the volume in the diameter of each lash up to 40%.

You should not come to your appointment with wet lashes, as they will need to be dry for the duration of the treatment. Also, removing any eye makeup such as mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner with oil-free makeup remover the day before your appointment is important. Avoiding steam, heavy exercising, at-home hair washing, or using a lash curler for 48 hours is also recommended.


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