All One Needs To Know About Hair Extensions

Extensions are a simple and quick technique to lengthen one’s hair. If one is unsatisfied with the length, this non-surgical treatment allows them to add appropriate extensions to their current hair and make it look fuller.

Hair extensions are also an excellent option to add color to one’s locks without subjecting one’s natural curls to harsh chemicals.

What Are The Types Of Extensions Available?

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are what a person needs if they want something simple to apply in a few hours. Polyurethane tape tabs that are double- or mono-sided and have been custom-cut for each strand are included. In essence, these extensions sandwich and hold the hair in place.


It is the most dynamic type of extension. The shaped components of a strip of clip-in extensions are joined at the root using fabric or silicone. This structure has clips connected to it that are ready to use. All one has to do is attach the sections on their own using clips to their natural hair.


Compared to tape-ins, hand-tied extensions are more handcrafted, delicate, and natural-looking. Beads are applied to dry tresses and painlessly stitched them. They can endure between nine and twelve months, considering how well the client takes care of them.


Bonded extensions are bendable at the source, making them ideal for customers who often modify their hair or put it up low. These extensions, best for thin hair textures, may be applied in three to six hours. They generally last for up to a period of 2months.


These are minimal-effort choices that do not need adhesive or heating to install or maintain it. I-Tips are little, bead-attached hair extensions that are enduring and have several styling options.

What To Do Before Getting The Extensions Installed In Your Hair

Apply a detoxifying shampoo to eliminate any chemical, oil, or pollution accumulation on the scalp. Other forms of shampoo will create a layer that can let bonding slide. To prevent a rough and irritated scalp, it is preferable to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Moisturizing should be done primarily on hair that has been in contact with chemical treatment or damaged.

Conditioning may prevent frizz for quick implementation and keep hair moisturized and healthy enough for extensions. For precise bond placement across the scalp, blow-dry one’s hair.

Advantages Of Having Extensions

Hair extensions have a plethora of benefits. For people without naturally long hair, they are the most fantastic options. These are excellent for giving one the hair of their dreams.

Easily Maintained

Extensions provide effortless elegance and will cut down on style time so one can spend more time working on other projects rather than getting dressed every morning.

They Hide Split Ends

While numerous women love having long, shiny hair, split ends are the primary concern. Hair extensions might, fortunately, assist with making them invisible to the naked eye. It is an effective solution to cover up the split ends. It will eventually make your hair look fuller and healthier.

Unlimited styles

People occasionally feel like switching up their hairdos to break off the boredom. One may achieve the style they wanted with extensions without changing the texture of their hair. There are many different styles, like fringes and highlights.

Adds Volume To One’s Natural Hair

One of the most significant advantages of extension is the dimension. These can help one restore some lost density in case they have more delicate hair or are experiencing hair weakening or reduction.


The optimism and self-confidence a person using extensions might acquire is the main benefit of embracing them. Their hairstyle dramatically influences people’s self-esteem and attitude to face the day ahead. When one feels lovely and has more confidence, it is obvious. Once the person has gained the conviction, it makes no difference how one arranges their extensions since they will always appear stunning.


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