Affordable Intern Housing: Tips and Tricks

After landing your desired internship, the next step is looking for accommodation, especially if your internship place is far away from home.

While some companies will offer you accommodations, others need you to find where to live yourself.

One daunting aspect of relocating to a new city is finding the best place to live, which must be close to your internship job area.

Regardless of the location of the internship job, as a first-timer, you need guidance, tips, and tricks in finding the best house to live in.

How to find the best and most affordable intern housing

Below are valuable ideas that will help you in finding intern housing easily:

1. Inquire with your employer

While some companies provide accommodations to their interns, some don’t. But they will help you with advice regarding a place to live. So, in this case, speak to your employer; as someone who’s already living in the city, they will have ideas of affordable and close-by houses that you can rent. The company might also offer a wage to assist you with the rent fee. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance.

2. Live with other trainees

Another affordable method to live simultaneously, cutting down on expenses, is by living with your fellow interns. Moreover, exploring an unfamiliar place or situation is far better when you have someone by your side. You can tell other trainees whether they are willing to live together so all of you can look for a house near the internship company, this will enable you to meet new people while saving money.

3. Speak to your network

One of your friends might have someone living in the city you are traveling to; you can notify them ahead of them. Since you will be staying for a short time, it’s best to rent a room with a mutual friend. The local friend is already familiar with the city, so they will help you locate the best affordable houses.

4. Look for an internship sponsor

An internship sponsor is a person that can help you pay for your internship expenses. This can be a friend, family, mentor, or employer. This person is willing to shoulder some portion of the internship cost. You can also seek other people’s help to find an internship sponsor beside the mentioned people. You can also include your school description, the company you are interning with, your financial status, and many more. You should also explain to the letter the reason you are seeking their help, how it can be beneficial to you and much other relevant information.

5. Apply for an internship scholarship

If you are studying at a university, there are high chances of internship scholarships available, and you might be eligible for one. You can research the financial alternatives available in your university for internship students. You can find different perks available to choose from. You can also contact your school’s counselor to help you or anybody that can help you locate the internship resources.

6. Search the Internet

One of the fastest methods of finding solutions to almost all problems is the internet. You can check websites, where you can quickly find affordable and beautiful housing options. Since the website is legit, you can rest assured and leverage it to find the possible housing options available; ensure to choose one near the internship location so it will help reduce transport costs.

7. Use a clear budget

If you are looking for excellent and affordable student housing, it’s best to use a clear budget. You can rent a co-living space to share the house with someone, which will reduce expenses like cleaning, furniture, utilities, etc. But if you look for other affordable housing options where you will live alone, it’s best to write down a budget for utility bills, furniture, appliances, and many more. Since you aren’t staying in the house for a long time, you can consider checking thrift stores to buy second-hand items that are in good condition rather than purchasing brand-new things.

8. Look for part-time jobs opportunities

If your internship isn’t that demanding in terms of time, you can consider looking for part-time jobs to earn extra income. You can research flexible part-time jobs nearby and ensure it doesn’t affect internship hours. Or you can speak with the internship company if there is a possibility of a shift so you can know your days off and the days you will go to work.

9. Start searching early

Finding affordable internship houses can be overwhelming, especially if it’s during summer since it’s mostly the time that the majority of schools schedule for internships. So it’s best to start searching as early as possible. If you are already aware of the city you are going to do the internship, it’s worth starting the search before you reach the city. You can use social media or the internet for available and affordable houses near the internship place.

10. Beware of scammers

One of the dreaded things people traveling to a new place are afraid of is being scammed by unscrupulous people. To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, you should use reputable intern housing companies and ensure to find houses with positive reviews from previous house members; if you decide to rent an apartment, ensure a legal contract or lease is in place before renting, avoid houses with unnecessary fees or those that asked for a deposit even before you check the condition of the apartment.


It can be exciting to reach a certain level in your studies; an internship is a period scheduled by universities or college students to have some experience in their course of study.

When you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, the first thing you will probably look for is accommodation, and as a student, you want a house that is near your internship job place and also affordable; in this case, you can seek help from the internship company, look for internship sponsors, search the internet and many other ways.

The goal is to successfully finish the internship period without draining your pockets or going out of budget.


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