A Look at the Different Types of Oil Diffusers

It’s estimated that people can discriminate at least 10,000 different smells, and you may find your mood improves if you have aromas in the air around you that delight your nose. This is one of the many reasons people enjoy using an essential oil diffuser.

But what are the different types of oil diffusers you can use to add beautiful aromatherapy scents to your living or working space? Making the right choice can help you breathe in your favorite smells while you get on with your daily activities. 

There are quite a few options to pick from, and we’re going to take a closer look at four excellent diffuser styles.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the various available oil diffusers. 

Reed Diffusers

You can place an essential oil in a bottle and stand wooden sticks or reeds in the liquid, allowing the oil to move upwards through the reed and release the smell at the top.

There is no need to plug this type of diffuser into a power socket, and it will continue to work as long as the reeds aren’t clogged and there is a supply of oil in the bottle. 

This is a popular choice among oil diffuser fans and you can learn more about essential oil reed diffuser pros and cons if you’re thinking of buying one.

Water Diffusers

Water diffusers use ultrasonic waves to distribute your essential oils and water into the room. As these diffusers can be very quiet, they could be perfect for use in a bedroom or an office space.

You can also buy models that allow you to set how long your diffuser operates before switching itself off.

Nebulizing Diffusers

A nebulizing oil diffuser breaks the oil down and spreads it into the air as a mist. As there is nothing added to the oil, this could help you enjoy more of the benefits of aromatherapy. 

However, it’s worth noting these diffuser types can be more expensive than some other models, and they can also require more upkeep. Therefore, they are not necessarily a good option if you don’t intend to spend additional time cleaning your diffuser. 

Fan Diffusers

Fan diffusers allow you to place your essential oil on a pad or tray, and the machine will blow the scent across your room. You can also buy different-sized fan diffuser units depending on how much space you are trying to reach with your oils. 

In addition, if you’d prefer a stronger scent, you can add more oil to the pad or decrease the amount of liquid if you’d like a milder smell

Choose Your Favorite Types of Oil Diffusers

You have a fantastic range of choices when it comes to oil diffusers. Reed diffusers are ideal if you like a simple solution, while nebulizing diffusers can be effective but require more looking after. Fan diffusers can also give you a significant amount of control over the strength of scent drifting through your rooms.

When you find your favorite diffuser, you can then look forward to experimenting with the various essential oil smells!

Before you rush out to buy an oil diffuser, check out more of our great blog posts.


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