A Guide To Crafting The Perfect Wedding Invitation Wording That Set The Tone For Your Wedding          

Wedding invitations are not just simple announcements that are going to be passed from one person to another. They are special tokens that are given to friends and family to declare that you are going to have a wedding. Whether it is a save-the-date card or a wedding invite everything needs to be perfect. These cards are going to be sent and maybe kept by loved ones for years to come.

When designing wedding invitation cards you have to be careful. The first thing that someone looks at when they look at the wedding invitation card is the design and how everything is laid upon it. Apart from being an invite, a wedding card gives a sneak peek into the theme of the wedding. This is exciting as the guests are going to be ready for what is going to come next. You found your person and got all excited for the bid day? Here is how you can create the most perfect card for your wedding.

Wedding invitation wording:

The importance of wedding invitation wording dates back centuries. People all across the globe do their research before creating their simple wedding invitations. It is important to include all the necessary information on the card such as the date, time, venue, and rsvp.  Here is a quick example of how you can create the perfect invitation using just words.

  • Host line and request line: The host line is usually the first line of the wedding invitation card. It tells the reader about who is going to host the wedding. This can be the groom’s parents or the bride’s parents. Traditionally the wedding ceremony is always hosted by the bride’s parents. So their name has to come on the top of the wedding invitation card.
  • The couple’s name: Next in line are the names o the happy couple who is going to tie the knot. If the name of the couple is not written with the hostname or as the hostname they are written after it. You can include full names in the card or even go with first name whatever you may feel necessary.
  • Wedding date and time: the time and place of the wedding are as important as it might seem. Mention where the wedding is going to take place and at what time. Even if you have to mention the smallest details don’t skip them. Be sure to add information like “Reception to follow” after the details of the actual wedding ceremony.
  • Dress code: If your wedding is restricted to a specific theme make sure you mention the dress code so that all the people who are going to attend your wedding know that they have to wear a specific attire. Whether you want a casual attire or a cocktail attire you have to mention that on your card.
  • RSVP: For physical invitations, there is a separate space for rsvp that is going to direct the guests who to contact to get the details about the wedding ceremony.


Some things have been passed down from generation to generation. A wedding invitation card wording is one of these things. Before you send out your wedding invitation cards make sure that you go through the wording thoroughly to check if there are any mistakes. After you have analyzed everything you can go ahead with the wedding card and save-the-date printing.


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