9 Interesting Zoom Facts And Statistics

Since COVID-19 became a household name businesses have started to let employees work from home for a few days each week. However, when employees are at home they still need to be connected to their colleagues. Zoom is a platform used by many different businesses to ensure that colleagues stay connected, wherever they are working from.

owever, there are many more uses for Zoom than just connecting workplaces. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions also use the platform.

This post will expand on the above, offering nine interesting Zoom facts and statistics.

Hybrid Working

While during the pandemic employees were allowed to work from home, now companies want them to come in for at least a few days a week. Hybrid working has become the norm. A mix of home and office work keeps employees satisfied and saves them money.

As Zoom has 470,000 paying business customers and many more using the platform for business on free plans, it is fair to say that it is one of the leading professional messaging platforms. Zoom facilitates hybrid working and makes it easier for colleagues to connect with each other from home.

Online Classes

Businesses are not the only ones encouraging home working, schools and colleges are doing it too. At the moment teachers are striking all over the world. Many were overworked and underpaid during the pandemic’s darkest days and now want raises and more benefits. With so many teachers out of work on the picket lines, educational organizations are letting students study from home. Some teachers are returning to lead their classes as long as they can conduct them over Zoom. Zoom is the preferred choice for most teachers as it is an easy platform for students to master.

Connecting Friends

Like Skype, Zoom is used casually too. This is not the case for all professional messaging platforms, like MS Teams for example. Most professional messaging platforms are used exclusively for conversations related to business.

Skype and Zoom are used by teenagers and adults to get in touch with friends and relatives who’re separated from them by long distances. These platforms offer a mix of video, audio, and text chats. These apps can usually be downloaded directly to people’s mobile devices, giving users the opportunity to communicate with loved ones on the go. Paid and unpaid plans are available for both.

Public Courses

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to go to college. Those that do go to college sometimes also want to take extra courses from home. In recent years, public courses have become very popular, so much so that the world’s most prestigious universities have started offering them.

The vast majority of these courses are completely free, giving students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and expertise in certain topics from the comfort of their homes. Cambridge, Harvard, and Oxford have all got their own online course programs. These universities award successful students diplomas, making them even more attractive. Most of these courses are held on Zoom.

Immense Success

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic businesses were at a loss for what to do. Governments around the world imposed strict lockdowns, preventing people from being able to go to work.

Quite quickly businesses realized the most logical solution to their problems was to allow people to work from home, which Zoom facilitated. Now, it is the world’s largest and most popular messaging platform. While peripheral platforms like Skype and MS Teams are used, Zoom takes precedence and is favored by the vast majority of businesses.

American Users

Zoom is used internationally. It would be wrong to suggest that the platform is only used in the United States. What does need to be noted, however, is that most of the platform’s users are based in North America, specifically the U.S.A. As Zoom is an American platform, this should come as no surprise. Americans are known for supporting brands started by other Americans. Europe is also home to a large number of users. In Asia, they have their own platforms, but again, it is still popular and there are thousands of registered users.

Canceled Subscriptions

Something interesting that you may not know about Zoom is that when you cancel a paid subscription, you receive a personal email from the organization’s CEO asking you to come back. Very few companies, especially those as large as Zoom, do little things like this.

The small things Zoom’s management does make it a pleasurable platform to work on. The CEO acknowledging you are leaving shows that you are a valued customer, no matter how little your plan costs. It does need to be noted, it is not possible to respond to these emails and engage in conversations.

Saving Money

One of the best things about Zoom is that you do not have to sign up for a paid plan in order to use the platform. You can use it for free, as long as you do not want access to certain things, i.e., hosting large conference calls. Individuals who are just using the platform to participate in free online courses do not have to pay.

Companies and schools usually have their own accounts which they invite employees and students to. If you are using Zoom for professional purposes, then ask your employer to invite you to their group, so you can enjoy the benefits of being a paid user.

Affordable Plans

If you own your own business and are interested in making use of Zoom, then you will be pleased to know that the platform offers plans at very reasonable price points. Businesses and private individuals are struggling more than ever right now. The cost of living crisis is making life impossible for some people. Zoom understands this and offers reasonable prices, so such individuals can continue using their services without having to worry about money. Zoom offers monthly, bimonthly, and annual plans.

Dragging yourself out of bed and taking the train to work is no longer a requirement. Companies are turning to professional messaging platforms like Zoom and saving staff time and money. Schools, colleges, and course providers are also giving students the opportunity to learn from home.


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