7 Ideas To Make Your Family Reunion Memorable

Family reunions can be wonderful and slightly chaotic at the same time. If you have family members in different corners of the country or even all over the world, it can be challenging to find time to meet up. However, when all of your family members meet in one place, it is time to celebrate each other and your family history.

There should be no place for old grudges, and you should celebrate your heritage and ancestors. This is a time to catch up with family members and see what they are up to. Here are ideas to make your family reunion memorable.

Give Your Guests Gifts To Commemorate The Reunion

To make sure that your family members remember all the reunions you’ve attended, you can give them gifts that will commemorate the event. For instance, you can give them a cookbook with family recipes that you currently have.

Alternatively, you can give everyone a custom t-shirt that you designed specifically for the occasion. Companies such as Bolt Printing offer cheap t-shirt printing that will help you to stay on a budget. At the same time, you will give your family members a quality gift to bring out the memories of the reunion.

Break Ice With A Family Map

There may be some awkwardness with family members seeing each other after a long time. In that case, you might want to come up with an icebreaker. Put up a map and when your guests arrive, let them put a pin to the area where they live.

You might even mark some places tied to your family history. This way, your family members will have something to start their conversations about. It can also be an opportunity for any new additions that married into the family to get to know your heritage and all the relatives.

Prepare Games That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

Including games in the reunion can help you to bring out the more competitive side of your family. It will give your family members an opportunity to have fun together and bond. If some family members do not know each other very well, you can make that a chance for them to connect through the game and get to know each other better.

Games for the family reunion do not need to be challenging. It can be as easy as coming up with a quiz about your heritage or playing charades. You can also prepare tables with board games in case people want to talk in smaller groups.

Document The Day To Make More Memories

You should ensure that you take pictures and videos at every family reunion that you have. If you have the budget, you can hire a professional photographer. To make it even more fun, consider hiring a photo booth. Alternatively, you can create photo props yourself and get some Polaroids that will allow your family to get pictures straight away.

You can also ask some of your relatives who feel comfortable working with a camera. That way, you will save money, and you might get pictures that will make you see your family members in a new light.

Share Stories Long Forgotten

Some family reunions can last until the late evening. Then, you can consider having a bonfire that will light up the night. It will give your family members time to talk, and you can toast some marshmallows for a late-night snack. You can also take it as an opportunity to share family stories and memories over a cup of hot drink.

Remember your favorite childhood moments and laugh together over funny stories. If your family has any stories that you are not entirely sure are true, you can share them with new additions to the family and help them get to know your clan better.

Celebrate Your Family Members

There is no better time to celebrate your family members than at the reunion. Come up with prizes and awards. Then, you can give them to other family members for any extraordinary achievements they have had since the last reunion they attended.

You can also celebrate any partners that married into the family or babies that were born. Sharing good news will help your family to come closer together and forget any bad blood if there has been some between a few family members. Give everyone space to share their good news and build family unity again.

Put Together A Playlist To Set The Atmosphere

Good music can help you create a welcoming atmosphere. Put together a playlist of family favorite songs before the reunion and help everyone feel more comfortable. You can let the music play in the background when you are playing games or having dinner.

If your relatives like to dance, you can also prepare a small dancing area where they can have fun together. And even if not all family members feel like showing off their dance moves, it can be a great conversation starter or icebreaker when they are anxious.


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