6 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Senior Living Community

Whether your loved one is considering independent living or assisted care, the choice will differ depending on their needs. The cost will also play a role. It is essential to visit a potential option and pay attention to the atmosphere, the staff, and the residents. Intuition is a valuable tool, as well.


Choosing the right location for a senior living community is crucial for many people. It’s important to consider whether you want to be close to your family or prefer city or rural settings. Most communities offer daily programs to keep seniors active and engaged, such as music, cooking, art classes, fitness centers, and walk-in clinics for wellness. Dining services are also essential, so it’s worth discovering if meals are served in restaurants or cafes and if special diet options exist.


Whether a person wants to pursue an active lifestyle with the convenience of daily housekeeping or just looking to socialize, senior housing Kansas City amenities significantly impact the quality of life. Touring communities is a great way to see what is possible and compare options. Ask to see a calendar of events and services offered to residents. Look for communities that prioritize community living and connection with others. Often this is done with a small-town feel and central meeting points throughout campus to help encourage people to engage with one another.

Personal Care

While many senior living communities provide essential caregiving services, knowing which services are included in membership fees and which require additional payment is necessary. This will help you avoid surprise expenses in the future. It’s also a good idea to visit a community before deciding. This allows you to see if neighbors wave to one another and save each other seats at dinner, as well as determine whether the environment is comfortable and if your loved one would enjoy activities such as crafting, music, or social events.


Choosing the right community depends on how you want to live and what services you might require in the future. When you visit communities, talk with residents and check out the amenities. Independent living senior communities offer vibrant options for adults that promote an active lifestyle. They often have service options like housekeeping and restaurant-style dining. They also provide a calendar of on-site events and social opportunities. Many independent living communities are faith-based. Ask about the community’s religious affiliations and if they have on-site clergy members. Connecting with others is especially important in older age and has been linked to lower rates of depression, heart disease, and other health concerns.


Many senior living communities have a variety of safety measures in place that minimize the risk of injury. Standard features include:

  • Flat thresholds on entryways and doors.
  • Vast halls with handrails.
  • Low-entry walk-in showers and bathroom grab bars.
  • Sensor lighting around the property.

Safety is also a key concern during pandemics, and senior living communities have strategies to keep residents safe. These may include more frequent sanitization, personal protective equipment for staff, and other precautions. Some senior communities that offer higher levels of care on a single campus, such as memory care or skilled nursing, have additional security measures like secure doors and private outdoor areas to prevent wandering. Ask the community you’re considering what actions they have in place.


When considering a move to a new community, it’s essential to visit and get a feel for the culture and atmosphere. Like when choosing a college, spending time in the area can ensure you make the right decision. To get a better sense of the community, ask to see a monthly calendar of activities and inquire about the services included in the monthly fees. Some communities offer transportation for shopping, doctor’s appointments, and entertainment events, which can help reduce expenses related to car ownership.


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