6 Common Gift Giving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Gift giving has a lot of perks. It lets you have fun with fashion, allows you to show your appreciation to those you love, and many more!

Yet, buying gifts is also stressful. All that shopping and preparation can take away the actual intent behind the gestures.

So, how can you alleviate or altogether avoid the stress? Check out our guide to common gift giving mistakes to watch out for.

Common Gift Giving Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Now

1. Unsolicited Advice: BEWARE!

An unsolicited advice can be disrespectful and unhelpful for recipients when you comment on their lives without knowing the full story.

Before giving a gift, it is important to have a clear idea of the person’s past and present situations. This will allow you to avoid giving them something they might not want or need and avoid hurting their feelings.

2. Over-Purchasing: Missing the Mark

Purchasing something too expensive can cause financial difficulty for the giver. To avoid over-purchasing, research the price point of an item before buying. It’s okay to have a budget for gifts. On the other hand, have a good idea of your recipient’s tastes or interests. 

3. Uninspired Gifts: Thoughtless Offenses

Uninspired gifts can easily come off as offensive. It can show a lack of interest or consideration. To avoid one of these common gift giving mistakes, the giver should discuss the recipient’s likes and interests beforehand to determine the perfect gift.

Check the quality of the present before handing it off. A poorly crafted or shoddy item might carry a sense of disregard.

4. Unconscious Bias: Thoughtless Offenses

When giving gifts for holidays, individuals may not realize that their choices can lead to thoughtless offenses. For example, an individual may give a gift meant to symbolize accomplishments. They may give a watch to a person who achieved a top grade in school.

Unfortunately, this gesture might not be appropriate if they know the student received that grade through hard work and dedication rather than a privileged background. To combat this kind of mistake, individuals should always consider a person’s background and lifestyle when purchasing a gift for them.

5. Ignoring Your Recipient’s Wishes: No-No

Ignoring a recipient’s wishes is one of the biggest common gift-giving mistakes you can make. To avoid this, make sure to do your research by asking the person what they want. Seek hints from their family members and friends. After getting an idea of the desired gift, be sure to pay attention to the details, such as the size, color, and features of an item. 

Take, for example, a person who suspects they are pregnant and will most likely wish for a pregnancy gift set. And so, such gift will be the best to give.

6. Ignoring Sentimentalism: Forgetting Personal Connection

Gift giving should come from the heart and connect with the recipient on a personal level. Common gift giving mistakes occur when the personal connection is ignored and sentimentalism is forgotten.

To avoid this mistake, take the time to consider the recipient’s personality, what they care about, and their unique interests. Also, think back to shared experiences, things that remind you of that person, and tailored gifts that reflect them. 

Giving the Best Gifts by Avoiding Common Gift Giving Mistakes

By avoiding these common gift giving mistakes, you can have a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Just remember to research what’s best for the recipient. Find gifts that match their interests, values, and needs. When in doubt, invest in something of quality that will last, and stay away from trivial items.

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