5 Things Every Luxury Apartment Should Have

Enjoying the high life is all about ease and comfort. When renting a luxury apartment, people expect the best. The expectations that come with this kind of living anticipate ultimate comfort.

Is your next apartment search high-end? Do you expect your future apartment to fulfill your every wish and want? If this is the case, then it is crucial to know what makes a luxury apartment tick.

Listed below are a few things that every apartment should have before you sign that lease or purchase that deed. Keep reading!

1. Spacious and Stylish Living Areas

Space to entertain and live comfortably with luxury furnishing, natural lighting, and versatile, yet modern aesthetics are all essential. Extra seating, a large area rug, built-in furniture, and rich color schemes will bring character and life to the living space. A high-quality, statement piece of furniture like a luxurious couch, or an oversized armchair will add a sense of sophistication and luxury.

Wood or stone flooring also creates a sense of opulence, while also helping to keep the living space light, airy, and larger. Make sure to research on luxury apartments in SW DC to learn more about their design and the space that they offer.

2. Amenities and Service Benefits

To truly be considered a luxury apartment, the building should have a concierge service, ideally with a private lounge exclusive to the building’s occupants. These apartments should have access to a range of amenities like a swimming pool, gym, and club room. Additionally, high-speed Wi-Fi should be provided to ensure residents remain connected.

These amenities will ensure a better quality of life and more memorable experiences.

3. Safety and Security Features

These apartments should come equipped with an alarm system with either motion sensors and/or panning cameras. A secure entry system with a coded entrance is important, too. Additional safety features to look for in these apartments are fire sprinklers, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors.

4. Elegant Bathrooms and Premium Fixtures

Starting with the fixtures, high-end pieces like brushed nickel faucets and chrome hardware are essential for an upgrade in design. Premier bathtubs and separate showers large enough to include multiple jets will add to the luxury.

Lighting should be soft and atmospheric, typically from marble- or crystal-encased vanity lighting and wall sconces. Lastly, the toilet should be two-piece with a premium flush and a high-quality toilet seat lid.

5. Modern Kitchen Appliances and Neat Storage

Appliances such as a refrigerator or freezer, oven or stovetop, dishwasher, and microwave should all be modern and easy to use. Appliances should be of high-quality material, preferably stainless steel, and the latest technology should be included.

Ample, organized storage should be included in the kitchen. Cabinets, shelves, spice racks, and other drawers and dividers should be included to offer enough space for utensils, dishes, ingredients, and other items.

Qualities of a Luxury Apartment to Look For

Luxury apartments should provide an inviting atmosphere and the amenities to support that. Having features such as a balcony, spa-like bathroom, modern appliances, superior lighting, and a luxurious location, is what makes a great luxury apartment.

Don’t settle for less, look for the features that make the perfect place to relax, entertain and live comfortably. Get started today on finding the luxury apartment of your dreams.

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