5 Simple Fixes that Will Help You Sell Your Home

Selling a home in today’s uncertain times and tight market can be overwhelming and scary. If you’ve decided to put your home on the market, you’ve probably done everything expected of you.

You’ve researched the average cost of repairs after a home inspection, ensured the home is pest-free, tidied up the lawn, and still it doesn’t seem to be selling.

Luckily, you can make a few quick home improvements that won’t break the bank but will add value to your home and hopefully increase your chances of selling quickly. We’ll discuss some of those improvements below.

Upgrade the Mailbox

When searching for a serious buyer for your home, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things that could improve your chances of selling. Things such as upgrading your mailbox can make a difference.

In most cases, this is the first thing a potential buyer sees when they pull into your driveway. This is also the easiest and cheapest improvement you can make to your home. The last thing a potential buyer wants to see is a broken-down rusted mailbox and the end of the driveway.

Refinish the Deck/Fence the Backyard

Most people looking for homes are families or someone looking to start a family. A big, fenced-in backyard and a deck to grill on or gather with family and friends will do a lot to sell the home for you.

You can easily refinish the deck and fence the yard DIY style, but there are also professionals that will gladly do the job for you.

The aim here is to let the potential buyer be able to envision their family on the deck BBQing while their kids run around the fenced-in yard playing. Also, many families own pets and will want to keep them from getting out and becoming lost; a fenced-in yard keeps that from happening.

Install Closet Systems

While this might be a bit more expensive than some tips on our list, everyone loves spacious closets. No potential buyer likes a small, cluttered, cramped closet; if your home has them, they might move on to the next house on the list.

Just make sure to clean out all the clutter before you install the closet system. There are many ways to make a small closet look spacious, from organizing it to leaving the door open. Between the yard, deck, and closets, you should have a sale in no time.

Put Your Clutter Away

If you are ready to sell your home, then you want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves and their families living in your house. They can’t do that if there’s clutter everywhere. It’s best to put any belongings you don’t need in a storage unit to avoid cluttering up your home when buyers call.

Scents Are Key

You probably already know that scents trigger memories, and a well-placed candle can make a home smell great. For example, the smell of chocolate chip cookies can easily remind a potential buyer of their grandmother’s kitchen on a frigid winter’s day.

This, in itself, could be incentive enough for the possible buyer to give your house another look when they’re trying to decide between a couple of places on their list.

These few home improvements can do a lot to help you get your home ready to sell. If you’re worried your house has been on the market for too long, these tips can help you move the sale forward. It’s also essential to have an excellent real estate agent on hand to help you with marketing the home as well.


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